Why The Dog Whisperer Is So Popular

What makes the Dog Whisperer such an attractive figure in the dog community today? Excellent question! Many of us may recognise the Dog Whisperer as Cesar Millan, a legendary dog tutor and trend setter in the dog obedience training community thanks to his light, positive, and effective systems of canine obedience training.

Cesar Millan is also the star of the show by the same name: The Dog Whisperer, which airs on the Nation's Geographic Channel in the US and 100 different states all across the globe.

Ever since Caesar Millan began his Dog Psychology Center in South L. A. in 2002, he has change the mind-set of the dog training community. His make of “dog care” as the Dog Whisperer concentrates on alternative methods to train dogs using oral communication and physical signals that dogs instinctually understand.

The crux of this brand of dog psychology is the long term study of dog behaviour that uses compassionate, efficient , positive coaching in opposition to nastier, more cruel systems of coaching that can involve shock collars, choke chains, or even physically punishing a dog.

When Caesar Millan introduced his training as the Dog Whisperer to the dog community more than 10 years ago, it was regarded as having a polarizing effect to change and shape the mind-set of other trainers and faculties throughout the US and globally.

Schools that had formerly relied upon assertive, terror based training techniques in order to manage the behavior of dogs soon started to consider positive re-strengthening as both a useful and kind way to teach dogs good behavior.

As a result, a number of other notable dog trainers have turned up over time, advertising their own make of the Dog Whisperer training. Another leading coach today that utilises positive beefing up based on the Dog Whisperer techniques is Paul Owens, a best-selling writer who has studied dog behaviour psychology since 1972.

According to Owens, “I believe nonviolence fosters nonviolence. Due to the link between dog and human behaviour, nonviolent canine training makes a contribution to helping build a whole world of peace for humans and dogs. When folks, especially youngsters, are successful using nonviolent strategies with animals, they feel better about themselves and they are encouraged to have a more kind, more positive perspective with their friends, family, and the environment.”1

In a similar way, the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan uses powerful coaching systems of positive reinforcement that first hinge upon understanding precisely why dogs behave the way they do. This is especially important so that an owner can understand the biggest difference between their dog’s personality and behaviour.

According to the Dog Whisperer, temperament and behavior are the difference between a dog’s natural state and his learned actions.

This is glorious stories for a dog lover after you can discover what behaviours are learned and what behaviours are instinctual in your pet. A dog is actually capable of learning many new behaviors, both by learning commands and learning from other dogs that he meets.

Nonetheless until you as a pet owner understand completely the temperament of your precise breed, a dog may receive training well but will continue to be imbalanced. So as to nurture a dog’s temperament and greatest potential, he should receive balance through: Exercise, Discipline & Love.

This creates a underpinning for maintaining balance in the temperament of a dog. And once the temperament of a dog has been balanced, he's going to be fully kitted out to receive training for basic commands, including stay, sit, down, come, and heel.

As the Dog Whisperer has taught the dog training community today through his mythical impact, so as to correct unpleasant behavior in a dog using positive strengthening, you must first better understand a dog’s personality so as to provide balance. This should act as a good reference for what a dog whisperer is and will perhaps assist you with your obedience training lessons.

Learning how dogs think and why they behave the way in which they do can be often overwhelming. That is why it's very important that you sign up to obedience training classes as fast as you can so you can become proficient at the art of conversing with your dog and also learn some of the basic dog training concepts that Caesar talks about.

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