Why Feed Your Dog Heartgard

When somebody says "Man's best friend", who do you think of? I bet you're thinking of the small furry four legged friend that waits for you to get off work, growls when a stranger walks through the front door, and waits by the dining room table for you to give them a bite of the good stuff. Dogs are very loving animals that will do anything for their owner and especially when it comes to protecting them. Maybe this is why many people do all they can to keep their pets safe in return. Something you need to know regarding dogs is they know when you are sad or sick, this is one thing we as humans do not know about them. The issue with this is that although your pet may seem fine and mess around with you like they usually do, there may still be an underlying problem. One of the major problems with dogs is that they can quite easily get heartworms which are just parasites that are carried by mosquitoes. In order to keep your pet protected and healthy one of the easiest and most affective techniques is to just feed your dog Heartgard. Heartgard is a tiny pill that you feed your pet one time every month, the pill looks similar to a dog treat so the chances of your pet eating it are like 1 million to 1. As you most likely already know dogs are very smart animals and because of this they may catch on to your little pill game and stop eating it, when this happens simply hide the pill in a piece of turkey or push it in a sausage link. The reason this works is because a lot of dogs are so thrilled to eat meat that they do not even check the food and therefore they will never even realize the pill was there. Have you ever taken your dog to the vet? Do you recall what the bill was after you left? The reason I mention this is because a vet bill is much more expensive than your Heartgard medication will be for an entire year. Something lots of individuals don't understand are the preventative measures are a lot less expensive than the medication that you will have to give your dog in order to manage the symptoms. Do yourself and your dog a huge favor and simply get Heartgard so that you do not have to worry about all the expenses you will have and all the suffering your dog might go through. When it comes to keeping "Man's best friend" safe and happy a lot of individuals would do whatever they could to make that happen, so why don't you take it onto your hands to make sure that your dog will never be in a place to need veterinary assistance. My advice to you is that in order to keep your best friend and most likely another member of the family healthy and happy you need to do everything you can to prevent heartworms from forming and creating an infestation in your dog's body. When it comes to using heartgard most dog owners struggle with the decision of buy it early or or waiting for signs but the problem with doing this is heartworms are difficult to spot and that is why you should get heartgard now.

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