Why Do Dogs Cry At Night

Dogs make wonderful pets because these are happy animals. The forever wagging tail and the grinning face are signs of a dog’s happy personality. Pet owners can confirm that when it comes to affection and happiness, dogs are unrivaled. Dogs are real furry bundles of fun until they show some annoying behaviors.

Because of the human-like qualities, we consider our dogs as well loved and well cared for members of the family. Puppies are considered as the babies of the family that would be an endless source of fun – at least during the day. Puppies and babies are very much alike – sleeping and playing during the day and crying the whole night. Puppies can be cry babies that would disturb the master’s sleep but older dogs are known to whine and cry too. Why are dogs crying at night?

If you have taken home a puppy from the breeder, expect to have a sleepless night. Because of the novelty of having a new pet, the pup will be constantly surrounded by the family. The puppy though will be left alone when the family retires to sleep. Without the family’s attention, the puppy will start to miss the mother and the litter mates. Realizing that it is in a dark unfamiliar place, the frightened puppy will bark, whine and cry to entice the family to come.

Mature dogs also cry at night. Unlike puppies, mature dogs don’t cry at night because they miss their mother or their siblings. We know that dogs need to have interaction with the family because they are social animals. While human’s best friends are very energetic animals they are noted to be good sleepers as well.

A dog that is alone all day will be bored thus it would either sleep all day or manifest a destructive behavior. Your pet that has been sleeping the whole day would be very much “alive” at night and would expect to play and bond with the family. Of course the dog is not aware of your need to sleep. A dog that has no one to play with will cry. Crying at night can be as simple as wanting to go outside to potty. The crying dog may have an undiagnosed health concern. Sick dogs that cry at night would need the master’s attention but habitual crying must be ignored so as not to reinforce the bad habit.

Why do dogs cry at night? This and questions about first aid for dogs are answered at Sarah’s Dogs.

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