Top 10 Tips To A Healthier Dog

Top 10 Tips To A Healthier Dog —————————————————————————————————–
Your Fast-Track Guide to "A Healthier Dog!"


Healthy Dog

I am sure that you have watched David Letterman's

Top 10 list every show.

Well I have my own Top 10 list.

There is so much to know about dogs isn't there?

Wouldn't it be nice to know some simple steps

to make sure that you have a happy and healthy dog?




Don't say we didn't WARN you 😉

Well here you go with the Top 10 Tips to a Healthier Dog

1.  Go to the Vet for regular checkups

2.  Get your dog spayed/neutered to prevent accidental pregnancies

3.  Get the appropriate vaccinations for your dog

4.  Understand how to care for your dog better by

    learning more about their anatomy

5.  Keep your dog away from parasites

6.  Learn to read your dog so that you recognize signs

    of illness and can get treatment early

7.  Find out about pain relief for you dog for when he

    has an injury or is recovering from surgery

8.  When your dog is young, don't do high impact exercise

    until he is mature, in order to protect his bones

    and joints while he is growing

9.  Exercise your dog everyday. It's good for you and

    your dog

10. Find the best food for your dog based on his age

    and lifestyle

PLEASE know I am here to HELP YOU!!

This is not just a throw away comment or lip service…

To Your Dog's Health,



Sonny Apollo (DBB)


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