The Tricks And Guidelines Needed For Chihuahua Potty Training

Chihuahuas, just like most dogs, cannot hold themselves for long. It is approximated that dogs cannot pass waste in hourly rates relating to their age. To avoid embarrassments, it is necessary to learn the tricks of Chihuahua potty training. This will ensure that you have a well behaved pet that does not disappoint you with smells around the house.

Training should start when the puppy is as young as possible. Study the habits of your chihuahua so that you can determine how often they defecate. You can always follow them outside to see what they are doing. Identify the place where they like visiting and place the potty there. This will enable them identify the need and use of the potty pads.

You should develop a phrase to use every time the pet needs to go to the toilet. They will relate the phrase with the action required of them. Dogs are very good at understanding commands. However, ensure that you use the same phrase consistently. Altering the phrase may confuse them.

As it is said that reward pays, the same applies to pets. Whenever the pet has performed the action as required, you should reward them with doggie extravagances, or maybe some petting. They will thus tend to repeat the action every so often as they will realize that it has rewards along with it.

As they may sometimes forget and use the wrong place, it is not proper to overreact. Just command them, using a phrase they understand, to stop what they are doing. You should then guide them to the right place. Do not punish the pet as that will worsen things.

During the training, and at all times, one should maintain cleanliness. Dogs do not like dirty places and will not poo if you place them in a pace they feel is dirty. Whenever you see any signs of resistance, you should check out the place for dirt or smells of poo or urine. Also make sure you discard the poo as soon as your Chihuahua is done. This will avoid accumulation of stench.

During the Chihuahua potty training period, it is best to put the pet in a crate overnight. This will help them hold their poo till morning as they do not want to sleep on it. You should then guide them to the right sport, first thing in the morning. It is important not to let them drink to muck water, or any liquid before putting them in the crate.

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