The Complete Step by Step Guide to Owning the Dog of Your Dreams – Own Dream Dog

In this easy to navigate eBook, dog lovers and business consultants, E.A Dawson and Maru Infante, share a step-by-step guide to finding and taking care of man’s greatest companion – your dream dog! Based on personal experience and in depth research into the frustrations that overwhelm potential dog owners, this simple guide will save you countless hours of research and help to ensure that you are adequately prepared to find, welcome and smoothly transition your dream dog into your life.

The problem with the information out there to help you find the dog of your dreams is not that there is none available – it’s that there is too much of it! To go through the process step by step, you have to read tons of articles, visit so many websites, read a lot of books and speak to previous and current dog owners. In addition, what we realized from our own experience and the experience of many dog owners is that very few people actually understand what they are getting themselves into – financially and lifestyle wise. This is not to say that they wouldn’t have gotten their adorable pets regardless. However, having the right information in bite sized amounts helps to ensure that you are as prepared as you can possibly be to welcome your dog into your life without becoming overwhelmed.

You can literally spend hundreds of hours conducting research on everything that you need to know to get your dream dog without understanding what is critical versus nice to have. With this guide, you have everything you truly need in one simple, easy to navigate document.

In addition, we have included a FREE in-depth potty training guide (PDF document) delivered as a bonus when you order our eBook.

With our proven step by…

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