The Come Command – How To Make Your Dog Respond

Why my dog wouldn’t respond to the come command was a mystery to me for about a year. I didn’t enjoy our walks together as he ignored me when checking out other dogs. I knew that sooner or later I would give him in adoption if I couldn’t make him listen to me. I know it wasn’t very smart of me to unleash him during our walks, but I didn’t know any other way to practice the command and test his progress.

I looked for advice online and found many methods that should have worked very well… on a normal dog.

I tried the trick where you lie down on the ground when he refuses to come. I can tell you from experience that this is not a cool trick, especially when it rains or on really cold days. Besides that, it only worked once. Pretty soon he lost interest and got back to his old behavior.

I tried other things as well. Another advice was to run away from your dog, calling him like you’re having a really good time and hoping he’ll want to join you. I did this in broad daylight four days in a row. At first, it worked pretty well. Yet by day three he started to lose interest. Unfortunately, my neighbors got all the more interested. They were actually making fun of me saying that my dog was smarter than me.

I used to get furious when my dog wouldn’t come when called. At times I was so frustrated that I would punish him when he finally arrived, which is the worst thing one can do.

I recently have invested time into a proper dog training method, using confined space and treats. I finally see some progress and it’s far more effective that all the tricks I tried. I don’t have to fall on the ground nor do I have to run like a madman. My dog actually starts to respond in real life situations.

Treats are very powerful rewards and I give him one every other time he comes to me. So now he even comes over when I don’t call him. I don’t leash him every time he comes, so he is learning that the best place to be is at my side.

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