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Dr. Dog’s Behavior Solutions – Stop Dog Behavior Problems Like Barking, Chewing, Aggression, Biting, Fighting

“How to finally eliminate your dog’s annoying behaviors—and why you may actually be teaching him these behaviors…without even realizing it!”

Obedience training is a good thing–but learning to “sit”, “stay” and “come” won’t EVER solve your dog’s behavior problems.
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Guidelines To Clicker Train Your Dog To Be An Angel When You Walk Him.

Teaching a dog to walk nicely on the leash can seem like the hardest thing on the planet. By using treats and correct positive reinforcement even the strongest canine puller can be convinced to decelerate. It is simply a case of showing your dog that it is more beneficial to him to stroll nicely than to drag you along.

It is actually easier to train a dog to walk to heel off leash to start with. This is down to the fact that if you apply pressure to a dog that's pulling on a leash they can instantly pull back. The following steps should help you to teach your dog to walk nicely using dog training treats and a clicker.

Have the dog off the leash initially. Make sure you are in a secure place in the house or garden is a good place to begin for this. Make sure that your dog is tuned into the clicker training sound and he looks to you for a treat whenever he hears a click. Have some good high price treats, something the dog likes and show them to him. When the dog examines you click and give him a treat. Then treat him for being in the walking position that you like. Now begin to concentrate on keeping the dog terribly close to you but do not move too a great distance away from him, turning or walking in tiny circles is a good strategy, keep his attention on you and reward frequently.

Steadily increase the distance you are walking and start to reward the dog for running alongside you, alternate your own speed and reward when he matches it with his very own. Change direction to keep his attention. You can reward both with voice and the clicker/treats for this.

When you are assured that the dog has learned how to walk nicely off leash next to you then reattach the leash to the dogs collar and repeat the exercise. If pertinent repeat all of it with the dogs leash trailing on the ground before taking it in your hand and repeating again.These stages will often take a few sessions. An incessant pulling dog cannot usually be reformed in one session. But if you follow these stages patiently and ensure that your dog learns each one, you'll see a good result.

Positive dog training is learning for life and for detailed information on this and the optimisation of dog training treats visit The Dog Trick Academy.