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Dog Food Recipes: Introduction to New Dog Food

Despite the fact that we see a large number of dogs as robust creatures and marvel at the things they handle to put in their mouth, the reality is simply that a dog’s digestive tract is extremely fragile. It is always central to slowly and gradually adjust a dog’s diet regime bit by bit.

You should be on the look out for any harmful reactions generated by the alteration, and consequently talk to a veterinarian if any symptoms continue for more than 7 days.

Without changing a dog’s eating plan incrementally, you may possibly subject your pet to:

stomach cramps, excessive gas, symptoms of acid reflux, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, refusal to eat.

Even when you have identified a far healthier solution to the current dog food, your puppy could very well not appreciate that and as a creature of habit, would choose the ancient to the replacement.

With this particular in opinion, the initial few endeavors could very well be confusing. Having said that, by means of a several elementary tactics and recommendations, the conversion will be comfortable.

Gentle adjustment is the major point, so begin by blending the traditional and new food altogether in a 27% to 73% proportion of new to old.

Through the upcoming day or two, progressively maximize the relative amount of new food whilst minimizing the ancient food. At the end of this activity, the new food will be 100% of the food container. It is actually probable that the dog will be determined and consume only the old food from the compound, nevertheless no need to be afraid due to the fact that robust dogs can go for a single day of missing food. He will probably early come to want the new food together with enough time and persistence.

A gradual introduction of food is considered immensely important so as that the dog does not stop eating all at once. As soon as introducing the new food, do not be challenging and overbearing. Instead, be inviting and use a pleasing tone of voice simply because it will ease your dog in accordance with the new food.

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Handmade Dog Cake Recipe: Happy Birthday Toby

For Pit’s 5th birthday, we opted to cook an unusual dog cake recipe. Pit is a Fox Terrier, relatively active, lively, stuffed of energy and even more!

We planned in that case to surprise him using this basic but appealing dog cake recipe. This is definitely not merely a gift with the mission of tickling his palate, but we also desired to make the overall recipe healthy and easy to make.

Casper’s Homemade Dog Cake Recipe

List of Ingredients:

1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 1/2 tbsps of baking powder, 1/2 cup of margarine, 1/2 cup of corn oil, 2 ounces of strained beef, 4 eggs, 3 strips of crumbles dog beef jerky, natural yogurt.


Preheat an oven at 320 F, sift the flour and the baking flour altogether. Grab a spacious bowl and with an electric mixer at moderate speed, cream the margarine until it is soft. Incorporate the vegetable oil, the strained meat and the eggs; stir everything until it is soft. Add the flour solution into the beef combination until the batter is smooth. Integrate the beef jerky. Pour the dough into a well-oiled and floured 8x5x3 loaf pan. Cook for 73 minutes. Allow the cake to cool on a table for just a few minutes previous to removing it from the pan to cool completely. Frost each single slice with yogurt.

This kind of dog cake recipe is incredibly unique for the reason that it provides a high-protein content (eggs, beef). High-protein dog treats are extremely important for different reasons.

Benefits of the ingredients of this unique handmade dog cake recipe.

Beef supplies a vast array of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are actually all important for a nicely balanced dog diet. Beef is a superior provider of good protein. It is worth to bear in mind that protein is incredibly good for giving our dog’s organism durable energy. Protein is utilized by our dog’s body to safeguard cellular functions, because of this it is a valuable aspect of any diet plan.

Plain Yogurt will most likely lower cholesterol. Yogurt is considered a top notch provider of protein. Plain yogurt comprises around ten to fourteen grms of protein for each eight oz. Yogurt is actually a valuable source of calcium. Yogurt has the capability to facilitate immunity.

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BARF Diet: The Best Diet for Your Dog

When people hear of the terms, BARF diet, they usually think of the worst possible scenario and really, can you blame them? However, BARF is actually an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and it is a diet for dogs and cats. This diet teaches dogs and cats the proper way to eat and returns them back to the diet that once belonged to dogs and cats centuries ago.

While the ancestors of both dogs and cats mainly consumed whole food that was raw, times have changed and a lot of people feed their dogs processed food which definitely is not very healthy. When switching your dog to this diet, the diet of your pet will be balanced.

There are many people who are beginning to realize how processed food is not ideal for animals. There are a lot of different brands that sell processed food that contains pesticides which are toxic, along with other unhealthy ingredients. And, regardless of the promise these various dog food companies make, dry food will not make your dog live a better life.

When you switch to this diet instead, you will notice that your dog is much healthier and will no longer suffer from skin conditions and ailments that he or she may have suffered from before. There are quite a few benefits of this evolutionary diet. In fact, there is an extensive list of benefits that come along with switching to this diet.

Many people have noticed that their dogs suffer from tarter which builds up on and around the teeth and causes the breath of your dog to smell bad. With this diet, however, tarter is instantly eliminated and your dog will have beautiful teeth. The coat on your dog will also be so much better looking than before.

Aside from these benefits, your pet will also lose weight and reach an ultimately healthy weight. It will have a stronger immune system which helps fight against illnesses and health conditions. This is extremely beneficial because you do not want your dog to suffer from illnesses or get sick.

There are many people who have never heard of this diet before and are surprised at how beneficial it can be for their dog. This is what your dog truly needs in order to live a healthier and happy life. There are many people who would suggest this diet, even veterinarians.

There are so many benefits to the BARF diet; it is no wonder why so many people are making the switch for their dog. The food that will typically be eaten by your dog while on this diet is an assortment of meats. Such meats include beef, chicken, lamb, and pork.

I’m a dog health specialist who specializes in natural dog diets. Click here to learn more.

Learning a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

If electing to become a dog owner, then you are assuming a very tiring, but enthralling responsibility, and truly ushering in a new era of your life. One must be prepared for a non-stop runaround experience. There is no off button on a new dog, especially a puppy. That being the case, there are also few downsides to the company a dog brings. It is a relationship you will want for a long time, and that is why you should be serving the best raw food diet for dogs possible. What doest that mean though? When I think of raw, I think of raw vegetables? In the case of raw food, it is only referring to dry food, which is one of the two most common types of dog food between wet or moist food. In fact, that is really the main difference at hand, it is a food that is in no way moist or wet and kept inside a can. A diet called the raw food diet for dogs is clearly quite self-explanatory then isn't it? Of course, that's what one should look for in a healthy diet. You don't want decisions weighing you down. Although, why is a raw food diet better than a wet food diet? What difference does it actually make? To be honest, the difference is fairly significant. However, we get that people are always looking to understand more, and when the subject matter is your own dog, it is important you hear the extended details of that specific difference in food. Now, the biggest advantage of making the deliberate change from moist food to dry food, to a raw food diet for dogs, is cutting down on the endless price of dog food, which is always, in addition to everything else, going to be your biggest price point. You see, most people spend their money on dog food either solely on dry or raw food, dry and wet food, or just wet food. Working backwards, we will tell you right off, that if you are only buying wet food for your dog, no matter its size and appetite, you are paying too much. Buying an individual amount of wet food inside cans means you are mostly paying for the packaging as well as preservatives, but we will get to those in a few. If you are splitting up your serving with wet and raw food mixed, then you are a step up. However, there is still no doubt that you are spending an extra penny to keep those shelves stocked. Sure, you may be cutting it with dry, which lasts longer given the dosage, but you can still do better. Switching completely to dry means buying a greater amount of food in a bulk package, and often for less. Not to mention, if you get the right product, your dog will have no qualms and you will soon start to find new savings each month. Sounds ideal, yes? To conclude, we will bring up the white night of the conversation surrounding a raw dog food diet for dogs, and that is health factors. Not only is it a more affordable product, but it is healthier. Don't believe us? Get in touch with your local vet today to find out more! Jamie is a family pet health practitioner who specializes in natural pet food.

Something to Know About Grain Free Dog Food

Now, prior to becoming a dog owner, it is hard to say why you would need to have any sort of expertise in what you ought to feed them. However, there are many people today who do not fully understand what they are supposed to be feeding their dogs, no matter how long they have been an owner of one. This isn't entirely their fault of course, considering the price of the food, which people have no affect over, is usually the top determining factor when purchasing food. We mean is a person truly supposed to be buying multiple bags of food a week just to feed their dogs? And if so, then why wouldn't you get the cheapest kind? While we agree, we also have a suggestion about exactly which cheaper kind to get, and that is the healthy goodness of grain free dog food. You see, there are essentially two schools of thought when considering pet food, and, in particular, dog food. They are wet food and dry food. While that topic of conversation hasn't exactly gone away, it has matured into a much more elegant conversation, one that is intent on improving a certain side of the debate. That side, however, is no longer moist food, not in the least. Today, grain free dog food is a dry food option that not only upends the cost comparison, but now the situation of health all together. Now, we are certainly not saying anything bad about moist. It's just that the trend now dictates that the higher price tag of moist is not worth what you can get in raw. This is a new generation of grain free dog food, and it should be celebrated. After all, someone has finally found a recipe that processes food in a much different way, one that isn't reliant of preservatives or unhealthy syndromes that were so often found in mainstream dry food and in wet food in particular. What this means for moist and wet food is, for right now in the situation, we must discount it as a conversation topic. It doesn't mean it isn't a good source, it just means that grain free dog food has reached a new level and, for now, it is important we discuss it and its cost-effectivenss. Moving into the midst of things then, this revolutionary advancement in grain free dog food creates something that others just don't have, and that is a healthily processed dry food that is chop full of great nutrients. These nutrients contributing to improvements in your dog's risk of arthritis, hair, teeth, and diet. On top of all this, it is saving you money, too. Pretty undeniable right? This doesn't say that as dog owners you were wrong to give moist food a go. It only means that one should look into some new avenues now. And grain free dog food has set up shop in and around that avenue. We are betting you will not disagree either. Jamie is a family pet health professional who specializes in all natural dog food.

Raw Dog Food Tips

There has been a lot of popularity surrounding raw dog food. This is not something that is unlikely because a lot of pet owners who made the switch to feeding pets with raw dog food reports positive health benefits. Also, it should be noted that feeding raw only includes fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken, lamb, and fish. However, some people note that dogs drink less when they start on their raw dog food diet. This shouldn't be such a topic of concern though. This happens normally because commercialized foods like kibble are often dehydrated in water. When dogs eat raw food they obtain the right amount of moisture that can help their digestion. Fish though can be a bit difficult to introduce for dogs. It is advised that they be fed with mackerel but even this may not be that easy to give to them. So if you want, you can make a substitute with cold water fish instead. You can also add some fish or marine oil into their food so that they could get a healthy dose of omega 3 and iodine. Dogs who start to eat raw are noticeably less eaters. This is because they are finally getting all the nutrients that they need so they feel more full and healthily so. Dogs are actually advised to just eat a full meal once a day unless called for by a veterinarian. There really isn't any specific time recommended for feeding dogs. However, it is advised that you stick to just one schedule when it comes to feeding time so that they would be conditioned to eat whenever that time comes. This also helps their digestive system form a positive reaction towards the food they eat. Raw dog food diet also means you can feed your dog with raw bones. Bones are more dangerous to feed when they are cooked because they tend to break easily as splinters. When feeding dogs with bones, just remember to feed them with chicken or lamb bones as these are soft enough to be ground and masticated properly. Veggies are also good for your dogs' health. But just like kids, some dogs may be fickle about eating vegetables. What you can do instead is mix some bits of vegetables in the meals that you prepare for them. This way they would eat it unconsciously. When it comes to feeding pets with raw dog food, make sure that you create a proper schedule for them to follow. This way you can be sure that they get the right amount of nutrition. Also, keep them de-wormed to lessen the chances of parasites and also clean the food prior to giving it to them so that you can prevent salmonella. Jamie is a canine health expert who specializes in natural pet food.