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The Facts About The Bark Dog Collar

Even the most fervent dog lover can find it difficult to concentrate on his work when his pet’s barking reaches intolerable levels. If you have neighbors nearby they can probably hear your dog barking or howling all night too and this is just not fair. As a dog owner it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is at least trained well enough that they will not be barking incessantly at all times of the day and night.

Dogs bark and that is a fact but there are things you can do to teach your dog not to bark all the time. The bark dog collar is one of the most commonly used stop barking products available on the market today.

Your Options

For those of you who are seriously considering getting a bark dog collar for their furry friends, it’s important to consider the different kinds of collars in the market. The most well known one is the shock collar, which is a bit controversial. The shock collar is so called because it really uses electrical shocks to correct dogs, although these are very mild and won’t hurt the dog. These shocks are very mild, and to the dog’s skin, they aren’t painful at all, yet many animal lovers find them cruel and excessive.

If you would prefer a more humane way of training your dog to stop barking you could try the citronella anti bark dog collar. The citronella anti bark collar works in exacly the same way as the shocking collar, but uses a spray of citronella smell on the dog’s muzzle instead of a shock. This is not going to harm the dog in any way and instead will stop him from barking because it will peak his curiosity.

The smell is quite potent and the dog is going to be curious as to where this new smell came from. Over time they are going to realize that every time they bark the spray comes out and this is going to eventually stop them from barking when they are wearing the collar. Of course, the collar isn’t meant to completely eliminate the dog’s natural way of expression, which is why all models have a switch that allows you to turn it off to give your dog a rest or to let him be free to bark at intruders and strangers that break into your house.

In this role, a dog will instinctively bark at any strange noise or person that it’s not familiar with; if they see that they aren’t punished for the barking, they will continue to bark until the stranger leaves or you are alerted of the danger.

The bark dog collar is really effective and definitely cheaper than anti bark training at a dog school.

Where To Find The Best Products To Get Rid Of Your Pet’s Fleas & Ticks

Responsible dog owners would do anything, not just to give the best for their pet, but to see to it that the whole household and everyone in it are free from all kinds of pet worries from poo, fleas, ticks and even flea droppings. In the case of fleas, the first best thing that any cat owner will think about is choosing and buying the best anti-flea and anti-tick product for their pets and one type of product best for fleas is K9 Advantix which is best for dogs but is there an Advantix flea and tick for cats product? Try to find out today if there is and as a responsible pet owner, you need to gather enough reliable information first before proceeding.

K9 Advantix is a once-a-month topical flea & tick remedy in dogs. What is best about this product that it will never be washed away with water unless you give a good bath to your canine.

You may not know it but your very health-looking tabby is actually suffering from a disease which you are not still aware and she got the virus from dirty things right across the street or from a nearby deli.

Based on its own manufacturer, this product is a conbination of two proven ingredients, imidacloprid and permethrin that is known to be very effective against parasites. But that’s not all. One dog owner even testified that based on his observation, the product made a catalyst out from the pets. After application on his own pet Shih Tzu, all the areas of their house where he suspected the abundance of fleas and ticks were found to have been cleaned and free from these parasites.

That is why you need some flea control. Talking about flea control, here is one tip that you might find helpful. You need to pay a little visit down your favorite pet store and find a really good flea control or the best way is to go to your vet and have your pet dipped in a flea control product that will keep them look and feel good for a certain amount of time.

Remember, flea control like these can be just on a temporary basis but it helps. But what if you still can’t find what you’re looking for or what if that temporary remedy starts to wear itself off? Have you ever heard of phrases like “Not Sold in Stores” or “As Seen on TV”? Now, it’s time you need to be aware of another phrase: “Only Available Online” and you know what that means?

If you’re looking for an anti-flea or anti-tick remedy for your feline friend, you should try to look for other alternatives like Advantage. It’s a sad fact that you can’t use Advantix but as always, there is always the right product to give to your cat in addressing the problems for fleas and ticks.

So, to clarify things up, there is not such thing as Advantix flea and tick for cats. But if for instance, one day, you can find some information that there is really an Advantix for cats, just make sure you get yourself well-informed before using it. But other than that, try to ask your vet for the best flea product for your very purrty friend.

Cat Tree Condo and Advantage Flea Cats

Dog Training – The Principles

Naturally, every dog owner would like their dog to behave and learn obedience so they train their dog either with the help of a handler or just by themselves. Unfortunately, not all pet trainings can be thought of as successful. Most of the time training fails because there are some issues that may have been overlooked. Let’s talk about dog training and the issues involved with the training.

There are many methods and techniques involved in training your dog. You should not just act like a boss and expect your dog to listen to you. You should try to achieve an understanding between you and your dog on order to train your pet dog . So, do not expect your dog to listen to you at the very beginning.

I bet you have been wondering how you can make your dog obey you. Well, simple. Firstly, you need to have an understanding of the principles of training your dog. So, what are these principles? Well, basically, there are three simple principles. They are: reinforcement, punishment and extinction.

What exaclty is reinforcement? Reinforcement is the dog’s behavior towards the trainer. There are only two outcomes: the dog either behaves better or worse. Let us disect reinforcement into 2 categories. They are: positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is about giving rewards or praise. If your dog behaves or obeys you, then you reward or praise your pet. This good behavior remains because the dog understands it will be rewarded for as long as it obeys or behaves itself.

Negative reinforcement is where the trainer removes an unpleasant situation to make the dog obey. Let’s take teaching a dog how to sit for example. If you want to teach a dog how to sit, you put pressure on the collar and release the pressure once the dog obeys you.

The next principle that we are talking about is the punishment principle. Again, there are positive and negative punishment. A punishment is seen as a positive punishment when the trainer does something unpleasant and thus it results in the dog’s negative bahaviour to decrease. A negative punishment on the other hand is when a punishment is handed out, the positive behavior is diminished or eliminated.

The last principle we are going to talk about is the extinction principle. Extinction is about total elimination of a behavior. This happens when a certain behavious is not reinforced and thus, resulting it to be wliminated or extinct. For example, your dog keeps whining but you keep your stand and not allow it to have its way. Your dog will learn that whining will do him no good so it stops.

Believe me, once you start to apply this knowledge, you dog would be more obedient. All you need now is one more important knowledge. Some people may think that positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog. However, you have to remember that it may work for some dogs and it might not work for other dogs. Sometimes, you may need a combination of principles too! One thing to remember, you need to asses you do’g behavior prior to any training. Lastly, good luck!

Dog training is not easy. However, if you have a good training guide it will make things easier. Go to our website as we provide expert dog training reviews which you will benefit. Visit us at: http://www.dogtrainingtipsonline.net

Discover Dog Training Tips You Must Know Before Training Your Dog

Being able to train your dog on your own is one of the most rewarding experiences any dog owner can have. Not only will you get your dog to be the “good boy” (or girl) you want, but you will also strengthen the bond between you and your pooch.

Before starting any dog training program, keep in mind that you want to be a teacher to your dog. You don’t want to be a crazy dictator but you also need to remember that you are the one in charge. You are teaching your pup to be a better behaved dog and be the pooch that everyone admires!

One of the most common questions we receive is whether you should train your dog on your own or hire a professional trainer. Thankfully for us it’s an easy question – you should! It’s a great way to improve your relationship for the long run.

Obviously you don’t want to just go in the backyard and start yelling commands. To properly train your dog you need to have a game-plan in mind. For that reason we included a link at the bottom of this article that will take you to a couple of proven dog training programs you can use at home. In the meantime, let’s go over a couple of general tips you should keep in mind when training your pooch.

The first thing to always keep in mind is that you want your dog to be in the right frame of mind before you start any “training session”. Make sure they have gone to the washroom so they aren’t distracted. You also shouldn’t start training right after they have ate – it’s easy to get sleepy after eating.

You are hoping to eliminate any distractions that might get in the way of your training.

Another tip is to have a little play time before you jump into training. This makes your dog relaxed and more receptive towards you.

Make sure that you have some treats ready for your pooch so you can reward him – just like humans dogs will continue to behave a certain way when there is something in it for them! Of course you don’t want to give away too many of these as this can confuse him. Reward your dog only when appropriate.

If your dog runs off during a training session, don’t chase after it. Simply use an authoritative voice and call him back; then reissue the command you are working on when your dog returns.

There are going to be times where it just looks like your pooch is absolutely clueless about what you are expecting of them. This is normal and you can’t let yourself get annoyed or mad at them. Instead, find ways to better communicate with your dog so you get the most out of your future training sessions.

You may have to help him out and physically show him what you want him to do. There are times that it might be frustrating, but this will get a whole lot easier over time. It will pay off in the long run!

Starting a dog training program with your pup is an incredible way to make your dog the best behaved pooch on the block and build an amazing relationship with your dog. Once you get started you will see just how rewarding it can be. All the best!

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Train Your Dog – 10 No Fail Tips On Dog Training

What dog owner doesn’t want a well-behaved dog? But it doesn’t just happen. Training is the only way to achieve this. In order to be able to successfully train your dog, there is some basic information you need to be aware of before you start. Here then are the top ten tips on dog training.

1. Don’t waste any time in starting to teach your new puppy. Establishing routines right from the start and sticking to these routines is easier than trying to change things up after a period of time. That only succeeds in confusing your pet. For instance, if your dog is not allowed on the furniture, don’t let him join you on the couch one day and then shoo him off when you find him on your couch another day.

2. Be firm, but fair and consistent. If you change the rules you will only frustrate and confuse your dog. So, if you don’t want your dog to beg food from the table, don’t ever feed him treats while you are eating.

3. Teach your new puppy to accept a collar and lead soon after bringing him home. This is one of the easiest yet most important steps you can take to have a well-trained dog. A dog on a lead is easier to work with and control.

4. Training your dog should be fun for both of you. Celebrate his accomplishments by rewarding him. Rewards can be everything from a scratch behind the ear to praise or even a small treat. He will work harder if he knows a reward is waiting for him, so you will be able to accomplish lots in a short time.

5. Patience is a quality that every single good dog trainer needs to have, and lots of it. Progress should be measured in very small steps. Your dog will not learn and remember overnight. It takes lots and lots of practice before the desired behavior will come naturally. Be sure to reinforce the targeted behavior by repeated practice and rewards.

6. If you need to discipline your dog, do not use the command “come”. This word needs to only be associated with positives. Go to the dog to deliver any discipline. Discipline does not mean hitting. Never hit your dog. This only instills fear in him and damages your relationship.

7. When starting a new session with your dog, start by reviewing behaviors your dog has already mastered. Reward him and then move on to new training exercises.

8. Don’t extend the lesson too long. When your dog seems to be losing interest or is tiring of the activity, stop the lesson, have him follow a simple command, give a small reward and then do something your dog considers fun to end the session. So, if he loves to play fetch, get that stick out and throw.

9. Always teach basic commands first. Things like sit, stay, down, and come are integral for success with more involved dog training. So be sure he has mastered these commands before you try to teach him more complex commands.

10. It’s important for the success of your training program to only give your pet a reward when he executes a command correctly. If he knows that you will reward him whether he sits on command or not, he has no real reason to sit if he doesn’t feel like sitting.

Following these tips on dog training will help you to successfully train your dog. And after all, isn’t a well-behaved dog much more rewarding to have around.

After a training session, reward your dog with the ultimate dog bed for him to relax on. A heated dog bed is a warm, cozy spot for your favorite pet. Another great option is a bolster dog bed with its soft padded cushion and bolster which doubles as a pillow.

Puppy Training Tips For House Training

It is always an exciting and fun time when you get a new puppy. Puppies melt your heart with their adorable antics and their cute faces but as every new dog owner soon learns there is one challenging aspect that they all must deal with and that is house training.

You will need to spend quality time with and have patience with your new puppy when it comes to housetraining. A puppy is still just a baby and a puppy does not have the capacity yet to know what you want him to do. It will be an easier job to complete your potty training if you are patient and loving with your puppy. Even though it is disappointing when your puppy goes potty in the house if you are impatient and express your disappointment your housetraining will take longer.

At 12 weeks of age a puppy will have to go out to potty as rfrequently as every 15-20 minutes and even more if he is actively frolicking. A quietly resting or sleeping puppy will not have to potty quite as frequently so during the nighttime you can give him more time especially if he is sleeping. Do not wake up a sleeping puppy just make sure to take him out to potty as soon as he awakens.

The important thing to remind yourself of when you are potty training your puppy is to be consistent. Make sure and have a leash and take him to the same designated spot every outing. Use consistent commands such as “potty now” and repeat the commands as necessary. Consistency is what it crucial when completing house training.

If you make the potty training a positive experience for your puppy your potty training will be finished sooner. That means that you will need to be patient and loving even when there is a mishap. Just take him outside and praise him when he does it right and ignore it when he does it wrong. Your puppy wants to please you so it is important that you do not do anything that will confound him.

When you have to be away from your dog you should put your puppy in a crate. A crate will actually assist you with your house training because dogs by nature will keep their own space clean. Generally a puppy will not soil in his crate so crating the puppy will help him learn to control himself. Dogs are also den animals and they feel comfortable in the safety of a smaller space of their own.

A positive atmosphere and consistency will be the most important aspects of your puppy house training. Make sure that you are consistently taking your puppy outside, that you consistently take him to the same spot and that you consistently give him praise and treats for a job well done. If you make the whole house training experience a positive one for your puppy you will have success more quickly and it will be more effective.

Potty training is the most crucial part of owning a new puppy and you can train your puppy in just a few short weeks if you are consistent and positive about the process. You will then be able to enjoy your puppy more as he gets bigger and you will never have to concern yourself with accidents in the house again.

If you would like more information about dog obedience training then you can get dog training videos online that will teach you every thing you need to know.