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Does Your Dog Have Food Allergies?

Common Signs Of Food Allergies

It may interest you to know that the most common signs of food allergy in dogs are foot and paw chewing, facial itching, loss of hair, itching of the groin,  and ear infections that recur.

People often think that a food allergy quite often happens after they have changed their dog's diet. It turns out that the opposite is true. Often, food allergies happen after the dog has been eating the same food for over 2 years, rather than just a few weeks. So, in fact, most dogs have been eating the food allergen for quite some time, and often years before it becomes a problem.

My Magnum and His Food Allergies

This is what happened with my dog Magnum. He had been eating the same kibble for years. It was actually high quality kibble from the vets office. All of a sudden, he got really sick and couldn't keep anything down. I actually thought he had been poisoned, the reaction was so severe. It was so severe, that when I went to see Magnum the day after I took him to the vet, he told me to say goodbye. There was something about the way that Magnum looked at me. It was like he was saying to me, give me a chance. So I did.




Part of the problem at the vet's office, was that Magnum was alone in a cage, and no one was trying to feed him. I had all the time in the world to devote to him, so with IV in hand and determination, we gave it a go at home. I gave him a gravol suppository and pepto bismal to settle his stomach. I also do Reiki (hands on energy work), so before I did anything, I did Reiki on him to help to settle his stomach. With all of that, I was able to get his stomach settled so that he was able to eat a jar of chicken baby food.

After finally getting Magnum eating again, after a few days, I tried the kibble, and he was immediately sick again. Finally, I was able to determine that it was the kibble that was causing the problem. After a lot of trial and error and research, I finally was able to come up with a homemade diet that Magnum could tolerate. Whew!

Most Common Allergy Causing Foods

The most common allergy causing foods for dogs are fish, chicken, beef, cow milk, egg, wheat, soy, rice, corn and potato. Most of the dogs react to only one or 2 food items.

What Do You Feed Your Dog?

The most important thing is to feed a new protein and  source of food that your dog has not been fed yet. Hopefully your dog will not be allergic to. It is recommended that you avoid these ingredients first: chicken, beef, cow milk, egg, corn and  wheat.

You may have some success in a commercial food that has unique ingredients such as sweet potato and fish.

It certainly is worth the effort to try and sort this out. Look what happened with Magnum!

Is Your Dog Food Healthy?

Have you ever considered if the dog food you’re providing is really great for your pet? Here are some suggestions on what to look for along with the contents and how they measure up to what you’re presently feeding.

  • Don’t purchase dog food that includes BHT or BHA. They are additives and could possibly be damaging to the dog.
  • Don’t buy food which has by-products inside. These are frequently excess animal parts commonly found in the grocery store. This means that they may be feet, intestines, necks and so forth.

Grains which are hard to break down like corn, wheat, gluten and soy are usually used as a protein supply as opposed to meat. This is not good for health and may even cause allergies. The very first ingredients play a significant role in the general nutritional structure of a dog food.

What are the protein sources? The key supply of food for dogs must come from high quality animal protein, not vegetable protein or grain. Foods that list two or more grains in the 1st five ingredients may have much more vegetable protein than animal protein. What about grains? Two or more grains listed within the first 5 ingredients implies that the food might have more vegetable protein than animal protein. Grains including soy, corn, corn, gluten and wheat gluten could be tough to digest, which indicates much less nutrition and more clean up. Some producers regard by-products to be low quality sources of protein, and depending on the source, they could be hard to digest.

Seek out a familiar animal protein like “chicken meal” rather a generic term like “poultry meal,” which can contain any fowl (turkey, chicken, geese, and so forth). Chicken meat contains a certain amount of moisture. Nonetheless, chicken “meal” is a concentrated source of chicken protein because most of the water has been eliminated. There is a higher protein content in a single pound of chicken meal versus a single pound of chicken.

Be sure your dog food carries bacteria cultures for effortless digestion. Seek out vegetables and fiber for antioxidant protection, minerals and vitamins.

Tips for Getting the Best Nutrition for Your Dog

Doggie Food: Ideas On Beneficial Eating Plan for your Dog

In case you have a dog of your own, you’ll be aware that the full tummy does not nearly cover the total process of deciding which dog food to buy.

Your dog is your best friend, you will want him to live the best, happiest life that he may. Giving him the very best food doesn’t just ensure that he’s happy and healthy, but has a shiny coat as well as lively tail too.

Several of our spoiled pets turn out to be fussy. It is a natural progression from being fussed over so much. For those who have fussy dogs, just like me, you’ll know just how guilt heavy mealtimes can become.

You would like to give your dog the best benefit in life; so why not consider cooking some specially well prepared meals only for your dog. As it is true that lots of owners can offer their dogs with enough nutrition on a vegetarian diet, this is difficult and time intensive to perform. Buying a medium quality dog food and putting a little extra goodness should be enough.

One of the best methods to ensure your dog gets greatest nutrition although living on medium quality pet food is to add some sort of supplement. This will ensure good nutrition all the time. One such proven source is NuVet.

A news release, Chattanooga, TN with Calvin Sneed (Consumer Advocate) reported a dog breeder in Tennessee got captured in the Diamond Dog food recall and 12 from 14 dogs died. However the two that didn’t die were on NuVet. You can only buy the product from breeder referral. (Refer below)

See the labels of the dog food you buy very carefully. Some of the foods you get really should contain turkey, beef, chicken or other animal by-product to keep your dog looking healthy and glossy.

If you are switching your dog’s diet you are vulnerable to guilt-treating practices. Never overcompensate for your dog’s fussiness. The quickest method your dog will learn to comprehend a brand new dog food is to be forced to make do with what is served up at mealtimes. Don’t offer treats or snacks because your dog isn’t eating. This simply promotes fussy eating and perpetuates the cycles of fussiness again. Be firm.

If you’re trying to incorporate some home cooked goodness into your dog’s life you might need to include rice, corn, oatmeal or wheat. These are all excellent sources of carbohydrates. You will need to take into account that most of your dog’s most valuable proteins come from meat. Whilst many say that dogs are omnivores – they’re still somewhat carnivorous.

For those who have a dog make sure NEVER to let them have the following:

* Chocolate

* Raw fish or eggs

* Onions

* Tomatoes

With careful attention and a few patience you can transform your dog’s diet regime. And hopefully aid him live a long and balanced life.

You can dig a little deeper right here: wellness dog food ingredients. Furthermore, make sure you pay a visit to this particular link as well: Probiotics for Dogs HQ.

Try All Natural Pet Products

Finding Natural Pet Products

Pet nutrition in our industry represents an important part in these times although not everybody recognize this. A lot of buyers feel that purchasing pet products like as canned foods are simply similar to the meat that you may give them everyday. They are really mistaken. In addition, they think that the canned foods mainly contain toxins and chemical preservatives that may harm the pet’s health one day. More of them believe that they only try to make it costly. In early 1980s, Stuart Berger, MD, claimed that soy is one of the 7 major allergens. Soy is actually a substance that creates allergic reactions in pets.

If you would like offer your dog natural, healthy food, however, you don’t have the time to make raw meals for your pet, you can purchase many of the food products just like those ready-to-eat freeze dried and frozen materials or maybe raw meals.

Among the options to feeding pet’s raw food is Life’s Abundance, which is a natural cereal pet food for your cats and dogs. The Life’s Abundance chicken meal is made from the best chickens raised without using steroids or hormones. It has simply natural, nutritious components and is nutrient heavy with all the essential vitamins, fats, minerals and fatty acids which are essential for the best health of your pet..

Dr. Jane Bicks, have inhibited the requirement to increase illnesses and poor health in our pets. This lady has created Daily Nutritional Systems which goals to give the correct nutrition for your pets. She said that we do all probable steps and actions to keep our body healthy. If that’s so, we have to take good care of our pets. Right now, an exceptional wealthy diet will help them maintain a healthy body and condition.

If you are searching for all natural health pet products, they are often found in the local pet shops. You can go to the nearest pet shops near you and you can ask a professional to assist you to pick and be advised of the proper dosage. .

If you are not pleased with your search, you possibly can search for the pet products on the web. It’s very simple to look for pet products online. This will save your time and you may see a lots of products that you can choose from. Don’t risk your pet’s health because you are accountable for them.

Visit this website for much more about natural choice dog food benefits. In addition, it’s also possible to have a glance at this site.

Hypo-allergenic Pet Food Treats

I think at this point you ultimately understand how necessary it really is to supply your pet dog hypoallergenic dog food. This is extremely necessary mainly because it helps you concentrate a lot more on the nutrition of the pet food that your best ally is ingesting. But the one thing that often becomes overlooked is dog snacks. Your dog is still going to require its goodies, and this is perfectly fine as long as you offer your dog with a high-quality treat that is hypo-allergenic. Let’s take a look at several options you have available to you right now.

The very first kind of hypoallergenic snacks we must look at are home made doggie snacks. You should think about making them yourself as this will assure that you’re supplying your pet with the optimal ingredients that go perfect with your dogs eating needs. So contemplate making some homemade dog biscuits and other nutritional choices so that you can still provide your dog with some well-deserved goodies.

Another choice that you must definitely explore are hypoallergenic snacks from the shop that possess the common brandnames that provide high quality food in this area. You’re certainly attempting to get yourself a much healthier option for your dog, so you need to pick some other healthy options that the brand name businesses provide you with. There are definitely going to be plenty of treats and chews that you can give to your dog that are really healthful and do not contain lots of chemical preservatives and other unnecessary things.

A third option that your canine will surely enjoy is a great a can of wet hypoallergenic dog chow. It is always alright to provide a can of wet food to your doggy every once in a while, and your canine will surely enjoy it as a good snack since you don’t give it to him or her too often.

These are some of the finest hypoallergenic dog food treats that you can supply your dog when he or she happens to deserve a nice little snack.

So seriously contemplate all of the selections in this article and make sure to give your friend a great little treat once in a while when the time is right. Hypoallergenic Dog Food.

Are You Sure Your Dog Food Has Premium Ingredients?

Top Quality Dog Food – Do You Think You’re Absolutely Certain?

Food coloring may also be a problem with pet food and treats: it is not at all rare for biscuits to be dyed in an attempt to make them seem like fresh meat or more fresh vegetables. This could not be all that terrible if it were still the 50’s when food dyes were according to plant based compounds. But in order for pet food suppliers to save cash and increase longevity, they started to make food colorings mainly from chemicals. There are several research that show that chemical food coloring can make hyper children more hyperactive, and numerous dog trainers think that the same applies to hyperactive dogs or those that just are not trained no matter what.

This artificial food coloring is commonly used these days though they are totally needless and have been associated with several health problems. It is actually believed by large number in the healthcare industry that if an ingredient is foreign to the body (just like chemical coloring), the body reacts to it and can create a lot of health issues. Pets care about taste, definitely not color, so food dyes are more for individuals than for them.

By-products are a excellent means for firms to maintain charges of food and treats down. Instead of just making use of whole meats, they use by-products as protein. Naturally, these are the under desirable portions of animals such like the necks, heads, undeveloped eggs, feet, intestines, lungs and ligaments. Another low cost way of adding protein into a food is by utilizing meat and bone meal. It is exactly what it sounds like: meat + bones.

Primarily, by-products are of the items you will never knowingly feed your pet.

Scientific tests conclude that these chemicals could possibly be harmful to the liver as well as other areas of the body. The FDA has lowered the amount of ethoxyquin permitted in pet food. Natural preservatives including tochopherols and/or rosemary are usually preferred.

There are plenty of other things that labels don’t reveal. For example, condemned areas of animals unsuited for human usage are usually rerouted right into industrial treats. These may be the parts of animals who’re dead, dying, diseased or maybe decayed. This is known the 4 D’s. Several meats, grains as well as other elements can’t be marketed for human use. They’re damaged or perhaps the meat doesn’t have the look USDA officials want. Sadly, we can’t decipher this within the label.

Also, a few food and treat suppliers have lower standards regarding the quality of the ingredients they normally use. Although there should be a ”use by” date or code of all packages, that does not mean that all of the compounds were fresh when they were utilized to create the pet food or treat in the first place. We would not eat old cookies so why would we want to give far from fresh ingredients in our pets?

Ultimately, it is very important not only learn to read the labels but also to get dog food, cat food and treats from the manufacturer that you trust.

You are able to dig a little deeper here: top dogfood brands for health. Furthermore, do not forget to visit this specific link too: glucosaminefordogshq.net.