Structure Your Dog Training Sessions Effectively.

Any dog training session will benefit from a good structure. Positive reinforcement training is a superb way to teach your dog what you want from him. The best training is reward based.

It can be possible to expect too much from a dog during training sessions. To introduce structure into your dog training you'll be giving your learning canine the highest chance of success.

Dog training sessions should be short. Any session of intense learning will be knackering for your dog so 15 to twenty minute sessions will actually be enough. It’s fine to take a short break and return to the session later .

So begin a training session with something easy. Ask your dog to do something you know he's going to have no difficulty with. Reward him for this behaviour to build up his confidence for the remainder of the dog training session.

Then switch between easy and hard for the remainder of the dog training session. If you ask for something that your dog finds particularly tricky follow it up with a simple command. If your dog training has made your dog think intensively it may also have knocked his confidence. So it has to be followed up by a confidence boost.

Toward the end of the session introduce the most difficult exercise but ensure that you have prepared the dog for it. Build up gradually with the most difficult exercise. Once this dog training exercising is complete follow it with something really easy guaranteeing the dog leaves the session happy and confident in his ability.

Keep an eye out for displacement behavior or stress signs. Yawning, sniffing the ground or intense scratching of himself are all signs that your dog is confused, lacks confidence or does not understand what you want from him. When that happens, try moving to a different location.

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