Stop My Dog From Barking

How To Stop My Dog From Barking?

At any given time I have had two dogs. At present I have only one dog. One of the things that I have worked really hard on is to make sure that my dogs are well trained. That includes that they don't bark. Now suddenly, my dog is barking at all the dogs in the park and at everyone that goes by. It is really getting annoying and I am sure that my neighbors aren't very happy either. How do I stop my dog from barking?

My Dog Sonny
My Dog Sonny

Well, not to long ago I stayed up later than usual and ended up watching a commercial (which I don't normally watch because I have a PVR). The only reason I watched it was because there was a golden retriever barking. I am partial to goldens, as all of my dogs have been golden retrievers. What caught my attention was that they were talking about a product called Bark Off and they were saying that it was an ultrasonic dog bark control device. Since I hadn't found a solution to my dog barking problem yet, I paid attention. As a matter of fact, I ended up replaying it a few times so that I could write down what they said about how to stop my dog from barking. I even included the commercial below so you could see it yourself.


Here is what they claimed:

Bark Off sets off an ultrasonic signal that a human being cannot hear. This signal catches the dog's attention and as a result the dogs barking gets interrupted.

– They emphasized that Bark Off was pet friendly (I was pretty sure that I didn't want to use an electronic collar)

– You are able to take Bark Off on a walk, because it was small enough to carry in your pocket

Bark Off is battery operated and because of its small size, it is portable and can be used indoor or outdoor or could be taken in the car.

Bark Off can also be used as a training aid, while you are teaching your dog to stop barking.

Bark Off is very affordable compared to some stop dog barking training aids as it $10 for two plus shipping and handling.

It sounded pretty amazing and straight forward to me, but I always do my research and so I checked out some Bark Off reviews on my computer. There were the usual ones that said it was a scam and a waste of money, but it was evident from what they said that many of those people hadn't actually tried Bark Off. They were many more that were saying things like "awesome product" "it really helped me and my dog" "amazing technology that stops my dog from barking".

I decided it was worth a shot. So I made the call and ordered Bark Off. Best decision I ever made. Now Sonny and I go for peaceful walks and I can leave him outside with no worries that he will annoy my neighbors. I finally solved the problem of how to stop my dog from barking.

Click here to buy one Bark Off and get one free.

Watch the commercial here.

Click here to buy one Bark Off and get one free.

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