Raw Dog Food Tips

There has been a lot of popularity surrounding raw dog food. This is not something that is unlikely because a lot of pet owners who made the switch to feeding pets with raw dog food reports positive health benefits. Also, it should be noted that feeding raw only includes fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken, lamb, and fish. However, some people note that dogs drink less when they start on their raw dog food diet. This shouldn't be such a topic of concern though. This happens normally because commercialized foods like kibble are often dehydrated in water. When dogs eat raw food they obtain the right amount of moisture that can help their digestion. Fish though can be a bit difficult to introduce for dogs. It is advised that they be fed with mackerel but even this may not be that easy to give to them. So if you want, you can make a substitute with cold water fish instead. You can also add some fish or marine oil into their food so that they could get a healthy dose of omega 3 and iodine. Dogs who start to eat raw are noticeably less eaters. This is because they are finally getting all the nutrients that they need so they feel more full and healthily so. Dogs are actually advised to just eat a full meal once a day unless called for by a veterinarian. There really isn't any specific time recommended for feeding dogs. However, it is advised that you stick to just one schedule when it comes to feeding time so that they would be conditioned to eat whenever that time comes. This also helps their digestive system form a positive reaction towards the food they eat. Raw dog food diet also means you can feed your dog with raw bones. Bones are more dangerous to feed when they are cooked because they tend to break easily as splinters. When feeding dogs with bones, just remember to feed them with chicken or lamb bones as these are soft enough to be ground and masticated properly. Veggies are also good for your dogs' health. But just like kids, some dogs may be fickle about eating vegetables. What you can do instead is mix some bits of vegetables in the meals that you prepare for them. This way they would eat it unconsciously. When it comes to feeding pets with raw dog food, make sure that you create a proper schedule for them to follow. This way you can be sure that they get the right amount of nutrition. Also, keep them de-wormed to lessen the chances of parasites and also clean the food prior to giving it to them so that you can prevent salmonella. Jamie is a canine health expert who specializes in natural pet food.

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