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A Teacup Yorkie for sale is a priceless little pet which you can’t neglect. Teacup Yorkies belong to the ”Yorkshire Terrier” dog group. ”Yorkie” is simply a nickname for the Yorkshire Terrier. ”Teacup” is a popular description of a particular kind of Terrier, but it is not a part of the Terrier official name. Instead, ”Teacup” pertains to the size of the dog: these dogs are usually the size of teacups, ranging from 2-4 lbs.

Yorkies are renowned for their outgoing personalities, like to travel, and adjust well to new situations when traveling from one place to another. Even though they are small in size, they have noisy barks and often pick fights with other small or large dogs. They have allergy issues and usually face other health problems such as hypoglycemia, birth disorders, diarrhea and vomiting, and may face easy injuries. Their small size is what places them at a health disadvantage when they are born. Because they are so delicate and small, they can bruise or bleed very easily when dealt a physical blow from some source.

Teacup Yorkies are not just small and sweet with outgoing personalities, they are also pricey and cost a pretty penny. Dog breeders can charge nearly $10,000 and up for a single Teacup Yorkie. Generally, Yorkies aren’t the intentional breed of dog breeders; rather, dog genetics produces a few ”teacup” dogs once in a while.

You can find teacup puppies for sale at the following sites:

Yorkie Babies -There are rates on a few of the Yorkies, although not all are published on the website. One ”Abby” costs $4500, another teacup costs $5500, and two others $1500 and $2000, respectively. To get ”Darling Danielle,” who looks like a diva Yorkie, can cost you $1650. ”Duchess” can cost you $5000 and feminine Yorkie ”Glorious Gidget” costs $5800. The male teacup Yorkie ”Rusty” costs $2000.

Economical Pups – The only Yorkie available here is the feminine teacup Yorkie ”Lady Gaga” for $1495 (a one-day sale). The website notifies you to click the price to discuss a deal, however it costs $250 for shipping and handling of the pretty Parti Yorkshire terrier (along with the other Yorkies). Affordable Pups even offers teacup maltese sale puppies like Madison for the cost of $995.

Yorkie Puppies For You -At this site you can buy female Yorkies for around $1800-$2000 each. An exclusive Yorkie, ”Allie,” sells for $1550. Alli is one of the only Yorkies that is ”AKC registered” (approved by the American Kennel Club). The ”AKC” registration signifies that the dog has been examined and approved by the agency.

There are other Yorkie sites on the web, such as:

Teacup Puppies for Sale -Based in Los Angeles, California, this website has both teacup Yorkies and Maltese puppies for sale. Puppy rates range from $999-$2000.

Tiny Puppy -prices at this business for Yorkies vary from $2650-$3500.

Elvis Yorkshire Terrier -This website offers Yorkies but doesn’t have price ranges listed. You need to contact them to check the rates. This could be either a bad or good thing for hypertrophy training.

Teacup maltese puppies have got white fur and do not shed often, which makes them best pets for owners who are allergic to pet dander. In addition, they are usually between the sizes of 4-6 pounds, which makes them perfect in both houses and flats along with STDs in women.

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