It’s a Ball … It’s a Disc … Catch It!

Dog chase ball. Dog retrieves ball. Do it again and again and again. Do you know a dog who is obsessed with playing fetch?

Rather than chasing a ball, some dogs prefer their “babies”. This is usually a soft plush dog toy that brings security and comfort to dogs. Some dogs prefer docile rather than athletic interaction.

Herding breeds as well as retrievers tend to have a natural instinct to chase and retrieve an object. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers enjoy playing fetch. In addition to fetch, many dogs also enjoy catching a disc in mid air.

Disc dogs require the skills necessary to track a disc and judge when and where to catch it in mid air. This requires agility and attentiveness. In order for a dog to stay focused, the dog owner shouldn’t throw the Frisbee haphazardly.

A dog doesn’t have to be a pure bred or come from a line of disc dogs to be an accomplished disc dog. Many mixed breeds, dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups have been trained to be World Champion disc dogs. In many cases, dogs have overcome abandonment, aggression and various trauma issues via their disc training.

Training your dog to fetch a ball is easier when the dog owner makes a slit in a ball and puts a dog treat inside the ball. After the dogs retrieves the ball and brings it to you, take the treat out of the ball and reward your pup. Soon your dog will fetch the ball without the dog treat inside, and enjoy a reward of a good belly rub.

Teaching your dog to catch a disc in mid air is different than playing fetch. When you train your dog to catch a Frisbee, the dog should only receive a reward when the disc is caught in mid air; otherwise they will confuse fetch training and disc training. Fetch is retrieving an object from the ground, catching a Frisbee in the air requires different training and rewarding.

Teaching your dog new tricks requires a lot of repetition, attention and most of all trust. Never throw a disc or ball at your dog. Through training, play and affection the relationship between a dog and dog owner is priceless!

Some dogs have endless energy when it comes to playing fetch. It the pure pleasure of having a ball in their mouth and a bonus when someone tosses the ball for them to retrieve! Joanne Gallagher suggests browsing to Jake’s Dog House for exiting dog toys.

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