Is Your Dog Food Healthy?

Have you ever considered if the dog food you’re providing is really great for your pet? Here are some suggestions on what to look for along with the contents and how they measure up to what you’re presently feeding.

  • Don’t purchase dog food that includes BHT or BHA. They are additives and could possibly be damaging to the dog.
  • Don’t buy food which has by-products inside. These are frequently excess animal parts commonly found in the grocery store. This means that they may be feet, intestines, necks and so forth.

Grains which are hard to break down like corn, wheat, gluten and soy are usually used as a protein supply as opposed to meat. This is not good for health and may even cause allergies. The very first ingredients play a significant role in the general nutritional structure of a dog food.

What are the protein sources? The key supply of food for dogs must come from high quality animal protein, not vegetable protein or grain. Foods that list two or more grains in the 1st five ingredients may have much more vegetable protein than animal protein. What about grains? Two or more grains listed within the first 5 ingredients implies that the food might have more vegetable protein than animal protein. Grains including soy, corn, corn, gluten and wheat gluten could be tough to digest, which indicates much less nutrition and more clean up. Some producers regard by-products to be low quality sources of protein, and depending on the source, they could be hard to digest.

Seek out a familiar animal protein like “chicken meal” rather a generic term like “poultry meal,” which can contain any fowl (turkey, chicken, geese, and so forth). Chicken meat contains a certain amount of moisture. Nonetheless, chicken “meal” is a concentrated source of chicken protein because most of the water has been eliminated. There is a higher protein content in a single pound of chicken meal versus a single pound of chicken.

Be sure your dog food carries bacteria cultures for effortless digestion. Seek out vegetables and fiber for antioxidant protection, minerals and vitamins.

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