How To Stop Your Dog From Begging Food Of The Table

If you wish to stop your dog from begging food of the table you’re going to have to put some effort in to it. Most dogs will only beg for food if they have received food from the table before. Otherwise, they usually show little to no interest in table food. This habit is easy to break, but you have to be very consequent.

Check his diet and make sure that your dog is eats enough proteins in order to stay well. Avoid food with the word “byproduct” on the label. If you do give him this kind of food, chances are that he is receiving too much wheat and not enough protein. Changing his food to a higher protein based dog food may help solve the problem. This applies to grass and fecal eating as well.

Many people let their dog lick the plates clean. You can train your dog to be the best dishwasher in town without ever coming close the table. When you sit down to eat, everyone in the family has to agree that the dog needs to stay elsewhere. Agree on the restricted area as a family so that you can enforce the new rule as a family.

Delimit the area where you eat and make it off limits for your dog. Every time he enters the room and crosses the line you will have to stand up and use the command for “back” or “out” while using your body to block further entry. It is best if each family member takes a turn so that your dog knows that everyone is serious about this issue.

Every time your dog crosses the imaginary line someone must take action. Once the dog obeys the command you praise him with a happy voice or a scratch on the head. You’ll need to practice the command every time he comes toward the eating area for weeks before he finally realizes that he will not be fed from the table any longer.

You can’t really get away with enforcing a new rule while you’re sitting down. Eventually, you will be able to just tell him to get back from your chair. Yet in the meantime you must be willing to stop eating and take care of the situation until he completely gets the point.

If you give your dog any kind of table scraps, be sure that it is done far away from the eating area and is never done while anyone in the family is still eating. Otherwise you will just confuse him. If you insist on table scraps, be sure to put them in his bowl to avoid temptation and confusion. This way you can effectively stop your dog from begging food of the table.

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