How to Say Adios To A Dog & The Correct Way To Manage Your Emotional Loss

Any dog owner will confirm that watching a loved canine age and then having to say ciao is one of the most difficult things that we ever have to do.

Our dogs simply do not live long enough. The faithful companion that has long been with us is no more. We are never really ready to say goodbye to a dog. One of the most difficult things about losing a dog is the view of folks that miss the blessing of a human/canine relationship. The phrase ”only a dog” will twist the belly of any mourning dog fan.

Grief for a loved pet dog is dissimilar somehow to any other. It wrenches the heart of the bereaved owner. The routine is damaged, especially if the dog was the only one in the home. Taking care of and training an older dog ceases right away. Dog beds lay empty, bowls need not be filled and the home appears desolate on your return.

Alongside the loss of the loved dog will probably be the trauma of exclaiming goodbye. Mercy killing is generally a delicate and physically simple way to end the life of a suffering dog. It's not easy on the owner though. Continuing self-questioning is standard when deciding on the right time for saying goodbye. You feel that you do not want to make the choice too soon or cause your dog to suffer.

Flashbacks in your mind to the instant of your dog’s death or severe illness are part of the grief process. You'll feel that you are coping satisfactorily but then unhappiness hits you in a big wave. This too is a part of the mourning process. It is unfortunately something we must deal with in return for the love our dogs gave us through their lives. It is common to feel that you never desire another dog. The discomfort is too great. Most of the time, this feeling will change.

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