Facts About The Australian Bulldog

For a lot of people, the word bulldog would bring up the image of a muscular heavyset bow-legged dog that has a pushed-in nose and a heavily wrinkled face. The most popular breeds of this dog types are the English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. Another breed of bulldog exists, the Australian Bulldogs but not many people are aware of this fact.

The “sourpuss” expression is the benchmark of bulldogs. Bulldogs may not win the contest for the most beautiful dog but they sure make good companions. These dogs are docile and easy to please. A bulldog is not very active inside the house thus it would be a suitable choice for a pet of an apartment dweller. The dog would be happy if taken running or swimming once in a while. Bulldogs though are known to have genetic problems. The genetic concerns of these dogs spurred fans of the breed to develop a new breed of bulldogs that would not have genetic health concerns.

An Australian Bulldogs, also known as Aussie Bulldog is a fairly new breed. Breeding programs for this breed was started in 1990s. Bulldogs have the temperament wanted in a home companion but these dogs also have genetic health concerns thus the goal of the breeding program is to retain the admirable features and to eliminate the genetic problems

Breeders of Australian Bulldogs have attained their goals as the breed that was created does not have the exaggerated physical features that restrict movement and cause health concerns in the dogs. An Australian Bulldog has a distinctive appearance although the breed also has the typical features of bulldogs. Being bowlegged, bulldogs typically has a rolling gait but not an Australian Bulldog as apart from having a well boned muscular body, these dogs also has straight legs.This breed has a longer nose and fewer wrinkles because the skin on the face is not too loose. Because of the sound structure of this breed, health problems that concern other bulldog breeds were largely eliminated.

Australian Bulldogs were developed specifically to be family companions. Australian Bulldogs are indeed the perfect pet because it is loyal affectionate and has the inherent desire to please the human family. Australian Bulldogs are good natured pets as they would not be demanding unlike other dogs although they would want interaction with the family. This dog would just want to be with the members of the family thus it would be equally contented to lie and sleep at the master’s feet or to play with the children.

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