Eliminating Wolbachia First Might Help Your Dog Through Heartworm Treatment

Recent study indicates the organism Wolbachia may badly affect the standard way of heartworm treatment for dogs. Lots of veterinarians will suggest a treatment of anti-biotics before starting regular heartworm therapy to eliminate the organism. Wolbachia is an organism that lots of spiders, mites, isopod species and heartworms. Research indicates This organism might complicate or accelerate heartworm disease. In addition, it might be responsible for many negative effects associated with this disease in dogs. Study also shows prescribing anti-biotics to kill Wolbachia may in fact badly affect the survival of the adult worms and may reduce possible allergies in dogs once the worms are destroyed. A lot of vets require the use of anti-biotics prior to starting heartworm treatment in an infected dog. Anti-biotics aren't a normal process for the therapy; but, you will find that the majority of vets will recommend this treatment plan. The treatment of a dog infected with adult heartworms is a painful process for the dog. In addition, the therapy itself can pose a significant health risk for the dog. Eliminating the Wolbachia from the worms first can reduce your dog's reaction to the therapy. Treating an infected dog is expensive and the course of therapy usually requires two months to finish. Using antibiotics to remove this organism will extend the treatment procedure and boost the cost. Prevention is the best option. You may choose one of several monthly preventative medicines for your dog. Many heartworm treatment methods for dogs are monthly doses which will eliminate the larvae from your dog's bloodstream preventing the growth of adult worms. Preventative medicine is safe and effective. Moreover, prevention is considerably less expensive and much easier for your dog. If you live in a region with cold winters, your veterinarian might recommend only using a preventative treatment for the warmer months. You should follow the plan your veterinarian feels is greatest for your dog. Some veterinarians will include a colorimetric heartworm test during your dog's annual check up. The test just takes 10 mins to get results and is low-cost. Even if you live in a region where mosquitoes are not prevalent, it only takes one mosquito bite to infect your dog. It is vital to establish a heartworm prevention treatment to make sure that your dog is safe from a serious infection. Follow the advice of your vet to keep your dog safe and healthy. For all the impartial advice you need on heartworm treatment for dogs visit Heartworm Treatment For Dogs .com – we only provide information about Heartworm.

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