Dog Coats Are Not Just For Pampering Your Pooch

Some people may disapprove of pet owners buying fashionable dog coats for their pampered poodles and pooches. But these days, there are a huge number of pet pampering places and stores where these adorable canine clothes are being sold, and many of them are making good business. Many dog owners actually buy these not only because they want to spoil their pets, but also because these coats could protect their animal companions from the cold.

Dogs could wear weatherproof jackets as protection from the rain, too. Your pet would look fabulous even on a wet day, especially if he’s wearing some matching paw booties. When he’s done with his walk, he won’t be bringing in mud into your room, and his paws would not be as dirty. Let him wear a rain jacket with a hoodie and he would definitely cause quite a stir among the lady dogs!

Vests are often given to working dogs to signify that they are on-the-job. Some are assisting persons with disabilities or could be working as a canine for the police department. There are also some pet owners who just adore donning costumes on their pets. They would even make them wear the same outfit as them to make people know that their dog is a member of their family. Although it’s true that there are pet lovers who buy these coats for frivolity, many also buy them as functional gears for their pets.

You would find a lot of styles available, such as a full-gear sweater for very cold weathers or a half-pullover dog shirt for warm days. If your dog has sensitive skin, you may want to look for gears made of hypo-allergenic materials. There are also clothes made of environmentally friendly fabrics, if you want to be eco-conscious about your choice.

Remember that no matter how fantastic the design may be, if it would make your pet uncomfortable, then that is the wrong coat for him. Stay away from designs that have zippers, as hair and skin could get caught in them. You should also have fun selecting what fits your dog best and imagine how fantastic your pet would look in his new attire.

Canine clothes for special dog breeds are also available in some shops. Do your search if you are looking for coats for your dachshunds, greyhounds and even great Danes. Match the color of the outfit with your dog’s mane or skin tone, if he is hairless. There are so many designs, colors and fabric to choose from that you would surely enjoy getting one for your dog.

Where can you find the best dog coats? Most large pet shops carry them and you could even contact your local breeder who may know specialty stores in the area selling them. These days, it could be easier to just do an online search and order from webstores that sell pet accessories. Just have your dog’s best interest at heart and for sure, you’ll find the best style that suits your pet.

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