Dog Beds

When shopping for a dog bed for your dog there are some things to take into consideration before you make your purchase. You need to consider the size of your dog, the age of your dog , type of dog and the habits of your dog.

I just recently got a dog bed for my dog after shopping around for the perfect dog bed. I was amazed that there were so many types of dog beds. They come in round, square and oval. There are soft pillow ones, sheepskin ones and then there are the designer luxurious furniture kind. They come in many shapes, colours, textures and designs. You can spend very little or you can spend a lot depending on the type of dog bed you are looking for.

Taking into consideration the personality and habits that your dog has will help you to narrow down your choice for a dog bed. Usually small dogs like to curl up and would probably like a basket type bed that can be moved around easily from room to room. My dog Sonny, a Golden Retriever, spreads himself out so his bed is quiete lare and flat. I can still move it from room to room.

If your dog is a chewer then you will need to find a chew proof dog bed. 

When you are shopping for a bed you may want to take into consideration your home decor so that it matches your furniture. For more information on dog beds go here.

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