Do You Know Why Is Dogtraining So Important For Your Pet?

As a dog owner, you have the duty to train your dog and teach him new things. A trained dog is always happy, because he knows how to make you trust him. Love alone isn’t enough for the health and well being of your pet. He needs to understand your commands and be part of a team. Your dog will be happier if you treat him as your partner. Dog training is about establishing a strong relationship between you and your pet, a relationship based on trust and not on competition.

Your dog will never be part of your family if you don’t train him. Although training can be done at any age, the best is to do it when your dog is still a puppy, in his first months of life. This will help him understand you better.

Communicating with your dog is an essential part of training. Before training your pet, you must know exactly what dog training involve. Dogs use body language to communicate. This is why you must understand canine behavior bases; an untrained dog behaves like an uneducated child- a rebel who will not listen to anyone.

Start by learning more about your dog’s gestures and behavior. When the dog holds his head high and his neck arched, it means that he wants to show his superiority. The leaning of a dog’s head to the right or to the left expresses curiosity and interest. When he is obedient, he holds his head down.

If your dog holds his tail relaxed, it means that he feels comfortable. When his tail is hidden between his legs, he shows fear. If he’s wagging his tail at a slow speed, the dog tries to understand you.

The way in which your dog holds his ears expresses the dog’s level of attention. If your dog is very attentive and focused, he holds his ears erect facing forward. When he holds his ears laid back, he is scared. Some dogs can’t use their ears to transmit clear signals, because they have drop ears.

Socializing represents the process by which your dog gets used with the world around him and learns to interact with people and animals. This process is very important, because the dog is exposed to external stimuli (sounds, smells, events, actions, etc.) which are new and unknown to him. If you don’t encourage him to deal with new situations, he will become anxious and depressed. To prevent this, it’s recommended to help your dog socialize from an early age. The experiences he lives in the first 2 to 4 months of life have a significant impact on his behavior as an adult dog.

To have a beautiful and long lasting relationship with your dog, it’s necessary to train him. Don’t treat the dog like an object! Make him feel loved even when you don’t agree with his actions. In general, a dog must learn some basic commands: “Come here”, “Sit”, “Lay down”, “Wait”, etc. It’s very important not to punish your dog when he refuses to listen to you. During the training session, you and your dog are a team, so you shouldn’t compete with him. Never forget that dog training must be fun both for you and your dog,

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