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Does Your Dog Have Food Allergies?

Common Signs Of Food Allergies

It may interest you to know that the most common signs of food allergy in dogs are foot and paw chewing, facial itching, loss of hair, itching of the groin,  and ear infections that recur.

People often think that a food allergy quite often happens after they have changed their dog's diet. It turns out that the opposite is true. Often, food allergies happen after the dog has been eating the same food for over 2 years, rather than just a few weeks. So, in fact, most dogs have been eating the food allergen for quite some time, and often years before it becomes a problem.

My Magnum and His Food Allergies

This is what happened with my dog Magnum. He had been eating the same kibble for years. It was actually high quality kibble from the vets office. All of a sudden, he got really sick and couldn't keep anything down. I actually thought he had been poisoned, the reaction was so severe. It was so severe, that when I went to see Magnum the day after I took him to the vet, he told me to say goodbye. There was something about the way that Magnum looked at me. It was like he was saying to me, give me a chance. So I did.




Part of the problem at the vet's office, was that Magnum was alone in a cage, and no one was trying to feed him. I had all the time in the world to devote to him, so with IV in hand and determination, we gave it a go at home. I gave him a gravol suppository and pepto bismal to settle his stomach. I also do Reiki (hands on energy work), so before I did anything, I did Reiki on him to help to settle his stomach. With all of that, I was able to get his stomach settled so that he was able to eat a jar of chicken baby food.

After finally getting Magnum eating again, after a few days, I tried the kibble, and he was immediately sick again. Finally, I was able to determine that it was the kibble that was causing the problem. After a lot of trial and error and research, I finally was able to come up with a homemade diet that Magnum could tolerate. Whew!

Most Common Allergy Causing Foods

The most common allergy causing foods for dogs are fish, chicken, beef, cow milk, egg, wheat, soy, rice, corn and potato. Most of the dogs react to only one or 2 food items.

What Do You Feed Your Dog?

The most important thing is to feed a new protein and  source of food that your dog has not been fed yet. Hopefully your dog will not be allergic to. It is recommended that you avoid these ingredients first: chicken, beef, cow milk, egg, corn and  wheat.

You may have some success in a commercial food that has unique ingredients such as sweet potato and fish.

It certainly is worth the effort to try and sort this out. Look what happened with Magnum!

Do You Think Your Dog Is Allergic To His Food?

By closely watching your dog you might soon recognize how your dog reacts to such Dog Food Allergies which are general discovered in points like corn, soy, wheat, beef and also chicken. This could impact your dog in a way he is continually scratching and itching and this then causes him discomfort. If this occurs then it can be paramount that you simply get him to the vets as soon as feasible. This is so that he is usually treated and a diagnosis could be created and treatment can then be made as soon as possible. About 80% of our dogs at some time in their life suffer with these types of allergies, which ultimately comes from the actual commercial dog food that they're consuming at the time. The way in which you deal with this ought to be systematic and processed as speedily as possible. Your very first step must be to take your dog to the vets the only remedy is sadly to omit the dog food from their diet. Just like humans the symptoms are distinctive from dog to dog whilst your dog might endure symptoms like scratching though one more dog might expertise other symptoms like diarrhoea, but all of this stems from Dog Food Allergies. Another symptom that will be linked to Dog Food Allergies is ear infections this is often rather painful for your dog to endure, he may possibly even endure skin troubles that has been caused by these allergies as well as the only cure for such are medicated shampoos that will be utilised to cure this. Your vet will almost certainly prescribe also a cortispray which has natural ingredients like witch hazel in it; this can be utilised only for short time period to treat this condition. Should you know what ingredients that your dog is allergic to this does help matters as you could stay clear of these foods that are causing your dog stress at once. This is why lots of dog owners currently prefer to give their dogs hypoallergenic dog foods that only include natural ingredients. A few of the ingredients which are blame for these Dog Food Allergies are chicken, pork, eggs etc., and in some circumstances some dogs are also allergic to lamb too. Your 1st step is to learn what ingredients that your dog is allergic to and then you might be in a much better position to eliminate these from his diet plan instantly. So you need to ultimately contact your vet as soon as your dog becomes ill so that treatment is usually began instantly. This is one of the key difficulties that owners take their animals to the vets with each single day and this is increasing and primarily due to the fact of the ingredients that are discovered in commercial dog foods that are readily available in the marketplace right now. Many owners for the reason that of how harmful that these ingredients are to our dogs and cause them such allergies people are using other alternatives when feeding our dogs as quite a few of these ingredients are harmful to our dog's digestive systems. This is why lots of of our dogs then develop such symptoms like diarrhoea and sickness and severe itching to the skin which then can turn into a skin condition and has to be treated by the vet. After you discover what foods he is allergic to and omit them and you're trying with diverse foods it's greatest that he just isn't fed any sorts of other foods like biscuits or treats. It truly is unfortunate that numerous dog foods which are on our supermarket shelves include ingredients that are harmful to our dogs and these such harmful chemicals then interfere with the dogs digestive method and these is how several of the Dog Food Allergies are initial began. Pamela Kazmierczak is the owner of the website Hypoallergenic Dog Food. Stop by now to read about more health related dog articles about topics like Dog Food Allergies.

Different Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

It can indeed be a tough job to determine what sort of dog food to give your dog, and it truly is even harder to figure out which Hypoallergenic Dog Food to feed your dog, especially when there are so quite a few unique brands and varieties out there. Should you want your dog to have a natural diet plan of wholesome superior food, then this type of food is surely the best selection to make. As they use only the highest top quality of ingredients where the food is processed in such a way that it can be able to preserve the nutrients that your dog so desperately needs. A Hypoallergenic Dog Food helps them to have the ability to have a healthy immune method and this in itself will support them to fight off infections, and will also support them to be a lot more unlikely to obtain fleas or mites. With additional of these dog food allergies on the rise, you need to thus be conscious who their culprits are and these contain soy, wheat, dairy, corn, beef and also chicken. Numerous men and women think that this is because they have poor ingredients but in actual truth it is also thought that sometimes these foods are overfed to our dogs too. Whatever the causes, this is very distressing to our dogs and some of the popular elements that our dogs encounter are severe itching, diarrhoea and sickness, hot spots and also licking. Though there is also an additional factor that we in some cases tend to forget and that's the inclusion of meat and grains which is much better referred to as a filler ingredient. By deciding upon a good Hypoallergenic Dog Food you'll not uncover any of the listed ingredients mentioned above in them, you are going to only locate whole natural ingredients that can in no way upset our dog's digestive systems, to ensure that they will not have to encounter any dog food allergies once more. Instead you are going to uncover them full of fruit and vegetables and they'll use a number of the extra unusual foods like venison, bison, rabbit and duck and as an alternative to utilizing soy you will uncover that they use potatoes and rice. The dog foods that you uncover on our supermarket shelves contain low quality by merchandise that present incredibly small nutrition for our dogs which isn't really healthy for our dog's immune method at all. This leaves your dog open to whole lot of infections like allergies. Switching your dog to a healthier selection like a Hypoallergenic Dog Food is almost certainly the most effective choice which you can make for your dog, giving him all natural ingredients that are going to make him a considerably happier dog, as well as a lot healthier at the same time. There's a vast variety of Hypoallergenic Dog Food that is available right now, that you don't just have a few varieties to select from, there are many businesses which you can discover on the net right now, that stock a large variety for you to select from, and these also contain our dog's treats also. Pamela Kazmierczak owns the site Hypoallergenic Dog Food. Go there now to read more about subjects like Grain Free Dog Food now.

Pet Spotlight: Dog Allergies and Their Food

If your dog is susceptible to several of these dog food allergies and you uncover that he is persistently scratching and has diarrhea and sickness on a standard basis then it could possibly be that he wants to have his food changed to a more healthier version referred to as Hypoallergenic Dog Food there are a lot of varieties that you simply can get now for your dog. Numerous people are now realizing how poor these commercial dog foods are for our animals when they contain by items, artificial flavors, dyes and chemicals that truly make our dogs sick. In a lot of the Hypoallergenic Dog Food you might discover none of these ingredients and they are 100% secure to feed to your animals. Not merely are these unsafe ingredients discovered in dog foods but also inside the treats that we give to our dogs, that these businesses have also included this on their lengthy list of goodies for your dogs. Even though some men and women are concerned about the price problem in relation to changing from one dog food to an additional, this kind of healthy dog food can make out dogs life so a lot superior. They save our dogs from having to go by means of the trauma that's attached to dog food allergies when they're consistently itching and make their coats on their bodies sore with scabs, or they're consistently suffering from diarrhea and sickness this can leave your dog feeling irritable, but having a Hypoallergenic Dog Food which is created out of nothing but natural ingredients and all the produce which is utilized in these are organically grown so you know that what they eat is 100% safe. This type of dog food also makes sure that they receive healthy gums also, and there are several diverse varieties to select from which includes such things like Lamb and Rice, Venison and Apple and a lot of additional flavors to select from for your Hypoallergenic Dog Food and you will find no artificial preservatives employed in these kinds of dog food. Even though they are able to be rather pricey it does mean that your dog is going to obtain the extremely greatest diet that he can have and in no way need to suffer again from these terrible dog food allergies which are associated with commercial dog foods. He will instead receive an excellent dog food where he will regain his vitality and give him the proper quantity of vitamins and minerals he wants for a healthy diet plan. There are lots of web sites that you can obtain across the net these days that specialize in just Hypoallergenic Dog Food and also dog treats for your dog and they start around $7.89 for a tin of dog food, or a bag is priced at around $48.99 depending on the size of the bag, and also the provider you select to use for your dog food merchandise. They use only the finest of goods for promoting your dog's general wellness that you will by no means have to use a commercial dog food ever once more, or see your dog suffer unnecessarily. Before you change your dog's diet, go to Pamela Kazmierczak's website Hypoallergenic Dog Food Today. Learn more about the healthy of your dog. Read articles on subjects like Dog Vitamins today.

Why Should Your Switch To Hypoallergenic Dog Food

There are actually numerous benefits to feeding your pet Hypoallergenic Dog Food for 1 they do not contain any preservatives, dyes or chemicals which are included in all other dog food for dogs so they'll not harm your pet in any way as they're 100% safe. When deciding on the most beneficial one for your pet there are specific ways that this might be achieved check out the ingredients when it lists the meat are they generic meats or by products as this makes a major difference prevent it if it is not listed at all or if it's a byproduct. As the term 'by products' are really not meat at all they contain points like stomach, liver, intestines, heart, brain and also lungs. Also find out what the filler is also, if it can be anything to do with corn or wheat glutens then stay away from this too because they might be very bad for the dogs well being. For this reason it truly is far much better to get your dog food which includes natural and organic ingredients just like you'll locate in Hypoallergenic Dog Food. As you'll find no chemicals or dyes included in the producing of this dog food and it will not give your pet any dog food allergies either. Virtually any grains that are included in dog foods ought to be created from entire grains and nothing else, there needs to be an inclusion of fruits and vegetable as well as well as all of the needed levels of vitamins and minerals ought to be included within the dog food of your option. By picking a dog food which has all the above you need to then see a improvement within your dogs general well being, which includes their coat and general energy should be showing signs of improvement. By also having a far better Hypoallergenic Dog Food your dog will have a far much better digestive program. Which in general means that they can far better digest things like vitamins and minerals which will then have the ability to provide them with a far better immune system? Weight cannot surprisingly also be a challenge for numerous pets, and this can then result in many illnesses and diseases, by having a much better diet which is packed with nutrition means that you dog will not be eating as considerably and will have far greater energy. These dog food allergies are not only associated with dog food but may also be discovered in the dog treats that you simply feed your dog also, but rest assured you'll find organic ones of these available on the market just like your Hypoallergenic Dog Food as it truly is pointless putting him on an organic dog food but still feeding him treats that contain all of the bad issues for him and could give him an allergy. So generally select both Hypoallergenic Dog Food and also a dog treat that is made of all natural ingredients as well. The Writer of This Post Owns Hypoallergenic Dog Food. Go There Now To Read more about ways to keep your dog healthy. Discover interesting topics such as Allergies in Dogs Now.

Tips On How To Find Out If Your Dog Has Allergies

Dogs can get allergies for a variety of reasons, but there are a few culprits that lead to a condition of a weakened immunological response.  Once a dog has a weakened immune reaction, he may start having allergic reactions to things that wouldn’t usually trouble a healthy, robust dog.  And he may develop a major autoimmune problem like inflaming bowel illness or hyperthyroidism.

According to Richard Pitcairn, these things may lead to a dog developing a weakened immune system :

  • Mixture injections utilised a lot
  • Unrestrained use of cortisone drugs
  • Commercial dog food diets

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