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BARF Diet: The Best Diet for Your Dog

When people hear of the terms, BARF diet, they usually think of the worst possible scenario and really, can you blame them? However, BARF is actually an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and it is a diet for dogs and cats. This diet teaches dogs and cats the proper way to eat and returns them back to the diet that once belonged to dogs and cats centuries ago.

While the ancestors of both dogs and cats mainly consumed whole food that was raw, times have changed and a lot of people feed their dogs processed food which definitely is not very healthy. When switching your dog to this diet, the diet of your pet will be balanced.

There are many people who are beginning to realize how processed food is not ideal for animals. There are a lot of different brands that sell processed food that contains pesticides which are toxic, along with other unhealthy ingredients. And, regardless of the promise these various dog food companies make, dry food will not make your dog live a better life.

When you switch to this diet instead, you will notice that your dog is much healthier and will no longer suffer from skin conditions and ailments that he or she may have suffered from before. There are quite a few benefits of this evolutionary diet. In fact, there is an extensive list of benefits that come along with switching to this diet.

Many people have noticed that their dogs suffer from tarter which builds up on and around the teeth and causes the breath of your dog to smell bad. With this diet, however, tarter is instantly eliminated and your dog will have beautiful teeth. The coat on your dog will also be so much better looking than before.

Aside from these benefits, your pet will also lose weight and reach an ultimately healthy weight. It will have a stronger immune system which helps fight against illnesses and health conditions. This is extremely beneficial because you do not want your dog to suffer from illnesses or get sick.

There are many people who have never heard of this diet before and are surprised at how beneficial it can be for their dog. This is what your dog truly needs in order to live a healthier and happy life. There are many people who would suggest this diet, even veterinarians.

There are so many benefits to the BARF diet; it is no wonder why so many people are making the switch for their dog. The food that will typically be eaten by your dog while on this diet is an assortment of meats. Such meats include beef, chicken, lamb, and pork.

I’m a dog health specialist who specializes in natural dog diets. Click here to learn more.

Frank Gets A Barf Diet

It finally happened: I got to the bottom of the bag of hypoallergenic food for the dog and it was too late to get to the pet store for more. This led me to make a BARF supply for our dog that would last a week from the food stuff just sitting in the kitchen and refrigerator. When I was finished mixing, I wrapped in plastic packs 3 patties of about 1/2 pound each–enough for one pack of three per day frozen for an entire week. It took me 40 minutes or so to mix it and wrap it. I was pretty pleased with myself.

A little insecure at first, I gave our dog three patties each day–morning, noon and night. Our dog is big, so it didn’t seem like enough food. My partner was referring to them sarcastically as little puppy “snacks.”

While I was feeling bad, Frank was getting more and more lively. In one week, Frank seemed to return to his puppy-like black lab self. He was playful, energetic, feisty, and seemingly happier (labs act happy and unhappy sometimes.) Also, he stopped his incessant whining. Stopped it completely. That is hard to understand.

I know I read plenty of blogs that said whining could be cured with BARF Diets, but I didn’t really believe it would stop Frank. He is kind of annoying.

Don’t get me wrong. We love us our Frank! He just happens to be a “bad, bad dog.”

We are now living with a puppy again and he is getting a grey beard already. Now he is on his second week of BARF and he is still a changed dog. He is standing here right this second wagging his tail, begging me to play with him. Amazing.

I feel incredulous. Incredulous. If you have a lack luster dog, feed him better food–BARF Food. It has our dog fully revived.

Stay tuned. We are always testing things on Frank. He is a great Hypoallergenic Dog Food dog food tester.

Before buying dog food, explore information on a BARF Diet for your dog, as well as other Hypoallergenic Dog Food Options.

BARF Diet vs. Commercial Dog Food: What is Right for Your Dog?

Exactly what is the BARF Diet for dogs? Personally, I find the BARF acronym unpalatable; still, it has caught on, so I will make use of it in this article. BARF means Biologically Appropriate RAW Food. Some pet owners make reference to BARF as Bones and Raw Food, which also works.

BARF theorists are those that hold to the approach that dogs along with cats should really be provided for in line with their particular evolutionary needs. Basically, the BARF diet plan consists of grain, high protein meats, organ meat, bones, fat, veggies and also fruits–foods that the forebears of canines and felines would likely have found normally in the wild.

That doesn’t appear especially radical, does it? So what is all of this commotion about the BARF Diet program? Perfectly, the movement is soaring in the face of Huge Bag Prepared Canine Food Suppliers. I won’t call out any distinct corporation, because that’s not advantageous to virtually anyone. Suffice it to say, these companies have got a strangle hold on the industry.

It won’t surprise you to realize that previous to 1930 puppies were fed a BARF Diet plan simply because that was needless to say available from the family farm kitchen table. Additionally, mass produced ready-made dog food had not come to be normal like it is today. It generally seems to me that the BARF Diet plan trend for dogs strongly parallels our revelation that McDonald’s French fries are not healthy food. If a processed food diet program is not good for people, then it follows that a highly processed food diet plan is harmful to our dog buddies either.

Even if my supposition appears correct, the jury is still out. There are very few case studies validating the advantages associated with a BARF Diet and quite a few scientific studies by Commercial Dog Food Makers demonstrating the value of prepared kibble. To be truthful, Dog Food Suppliers are generally hard at work striving to generate upgrades to big bag dog foods. For instance, it can be much easier these days to seek out Omega-3 added or grain and protein based dog foods on pet retailer shelves. On the other hand, there have been a few findings of E. Coli and Salmonella in BARF Diet plan items. Like I mentioned, the jury continues to be out.

Still, if your pet has a temperamental stomach, diarrhea, foul-smelling waste, tooth decay, itchy hot spots, and/or ear canal microbial infection, we advocate choosing a organic, chemical substance free, hypoallergenic dog food abundant with whole grains, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, as well as Omega-3 oils. BARF, All-natural, Hypo-allergenic, or large bag processed canine food: the key to a long living, healthy pet is the excellence of the food offered. Read the product labels and select the least processed food. It can and very likely will improve the well being of your dog.

Before you decide on the best dog food regimen for your dog, read more at BARF Diet For Dogs and Hypoallergenic Dog Food. You will be glad you did.

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Raw Dog Food: Why Get Your Pet A New Diet

In keeping you pet dog healthy at all times, diet plays a big part. Recently, we have seen the emergence of raw dog food because of the growing demand of pet owners to keep their dogs at optimum conditions all throughout their lifetime. This particular form of diet is healthy for dogs, making their life better and longer. Unlike commercial type of dog foods, this diet is made of natural ingredients, thus there are no artificial flavors, food colorings, or pesticides. Based on studies, annoying skin problems will never happen, especially to dogs that have developed allergies in certain types of food, for the raw food dog diet are proved to contain hypoallergenic ingredients. Lastly, the ingredients of this diet is designed in such a way that it is easier for dogs to digest them. Since it is important for dogs to receive proper nutrition, as an owner, you have to be concerned with what your pet is eating. Similar to fast food, commercial dog food products do not have much nutrients in them and can cause problems on your pet's digestive system. This is very unlikely when it comes to natural dog food, which contains high quality and fresh ingredients. They are advantageous to dogs and aid in their digestion because they are considered as grain free dog food. Dogs are carnivorous so their stomachs cannot handle grains very well. Since manufacturers make it a point not to include grains in raw dog food, dogs can digest what they take better. Raw meat in the form of beet, chicken, lamb, fish, pork, rabbit, and turkey are the usual contents of raw food for dogs. Shredded or ground veggies are also contained in the food, most of them with high starch content such as broccoli, carrots, peppers, peas, and spinach. Better digestion, increased energy levels, fresher breath and cleaner teeth and gums, and healthier coats and skin are just a few of the many advantages of giving your pet raw food diet. In addition, pet owners can easily manage the weight of their dogs since it is low in carbohydrates. Once you allow your dog to eat raw food, such as the ones that you can find in, you will notice how much you dog enjoys eating. Improvements will be observed after a month of subjecting your dog to this diet. Dogs cannot choose the food that they will eat. It is up to you, the owner, to give your pets foods that will give them the longest and healthiest life possible. Jamie is a dog medical consultant who solidly believes that transferring your canine to holistic dog food is the most healthy decision you can make for your pet. Discover much more about barf dog food.

The Importance Of BARF For Dogs & Cats

I was pretty much raised in the woods of Mississippi, but I’ve in most of America’s major cities, New York, Miami, D.C. and several others but returned home when my mom contracted cancer. I came full circle back to rural South Mississippi. A beautiful bearded collie mix that I named “Thor” found me. The vet could tell by his teeth that he was, perhaps ten or eleven.

It was a typical summer day in rural Lamar County. But around six a.m. but something was very wrong. Thor, who usually woke me up at about 6 a.m. was not in the bedroom. I walked around the house which was a large three bedroom and found him in the living room staring at the wall. Thor was generally very attentive and every day ran to the door where I hung his leash and put it in my hand and began a “special bark”. I always go the message. “I wanna go out Daddy”. Not this time. Just a strange stare. I said, “Thor”. No response. I walked over to pet him and this usually very affectionate creature walked away from me and continued staring at the pine wood living room wall.

I was trying to think what I could have done to have caused this, or what Thor could have gotten into to facilitate it. Had I fed him something differently? I had taken him to the vet three days earlier when he was itching nonstop and the Advantage gel was not working, or so I thought. The vet recommended it might be a food allergy and until he could figure it out, to give Thor an antihistamine daily which I did. I rushed Thor back to the vet and this time he was certain it was “canine juvenile seizures” and wanted to put him on several drugs that would erode and shorten his quality of life. Though the vet was ready to write the prescription, I was not ready for Thor to take it. I told him I would go home and sleep on it. I took Thor home and the first thing I decided was to take him off the antihistamine. Within 24 hours the unresponsive staring stopped, but he was still moving very slowly. He would not eat his dry food, and he barely drank any water. I was stumped. I knew at thirteen, he was old, and probably not long for the earth, but I was willing to find out if there might be a possible answer.

I read every research paper I could find on the web. There were all kinds of fad diets, herbs, vitamins, etc. all claiming to bring a nearly dead dog or cat back to health. But when I explored it further, it was often a multi-level scheme, with very little nutrition or “life-force” by the time it got into the dog’s bowl.

Within a few days I discovered Dr. Ian Billinghurst ( in Australia. He is part allopathic/part holistic vet and veterinarian surgeon, and full of good information. He had just published a book about the B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) and was generous with his time and knowledge with back and forth emails. He led me to other sites such as and several others. I joined blogs and groups and debated with others as I started barfing my dog.

A month went by and Thor still very sluggish and sleeping in the living room on the floor. He had always jumped on my bed with me at bedtime and slept at my feet. One night, as I turned out the light, if heard him in the room. He barked twice and jumped on the bed. He had the energy of a puppy. He and I barely slept that night.

The following morning before six, he grabbed his leash and demanded a walk which were about 2-3 miles.He could have easily gone more. What in the world had happened? I read more.
I learned more. I learned a lot of toxins had left his system and his stool and urine showed it. I could smell it too for about a month. Then, no smell at all. And the stool’s substance was very different, very solid, and no smell at all.

A year or two later Thor and I moved to the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Thor had no problems with the adjustment and even at age eighteen was walking 4-6 mountain miles. I huffed and puffed but Thor was tolerant and slowed down when need be.

Though he loved nearly raw foods, he favored ground organic hamburger with various organic vegetables ground in a food processor. He also loved watermelon, raw chicken and pork (with the bone attached) and numerous other raw goodies. The secret seemed to be raw. I added a number of herbal tinctures. Most of them were tinctures; many from the Amazon Rainforest. I added flaxseed, CO Q10 and some other goodies. Occasionally I would order 25 lb boxes of frozen raw tripe. It was not the bleached white frozen kind one sees in the grocery freezer, but organic and a green color, full of undigested grass and other greenery. It is considered a near-perfect food for a canine.

From age thirteen to age twenty one, when Thor’s heart began to give, he spent his life without a vet bill. I stopped having him vaccinated and bought my own homeopathic vaccine nosodes which worked fine. Though I sadly watched him slow down dramatically upon reaching 22 years old, I knew it was time. When he could not leave his blanket in my bedroom, I had made a promise to myself that I would have him put down. The vet talked me out of it twice, and I slept on the floor with him on his blanket, his last night with an alarm clock, waking up every four hours giving him morphine. He stopped breathing about 6 a.m. on December 11, 2007. I buried him atop his favorite mountain near the closed part of the upper Dogwood Trail. I still think about Thor daily as he was the first dog that was my shadow. I’d had dogs all my life but this was the first time I worked at home, and was at home most of the time, and Thor was always at my foot by my desk as I worked on my cartoons. He inspired numerous cartoons about dogs and cats which are on my website.

Within several months, I will find another dog at a local shelter. He or she will start on the B.A.R.F diet from the start. People tell me Thor was lucky to have someone who cared so much about him. Many of them are not dog-lovers and would never understand that Thor gave me so much more than I ever gave him. One was the ability to love unconditionally. I grew to believe that dogs and cats are temporary gifts from God so that we can unlock a type of unconditional love of self and others that can’t be found anywhere else, except from observing and receiving the unconditional love of ones own dog.

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What Are The Advantages Of a Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Dogs make great companions and if you have a dog in your life it’s a safe bet that you want to keep him happy and healthy. Are you feeding your dog commercial dog food? Commercial canned dog food is convenient to use but are you giving your dog optimal nutrition? A better idea is to change to a raw food diet for dogs for reasons we’ll go into below

So what are the advantages of a raw food diet? There is more food value weight by weight than in a can of commercial dog food. A can of dog food contains fillers like grains and it also contains a fair amount of water. Each time you purchase a can of dog food these are what you are paying for.

There is ongoing debate about the nuritional value of gains in a canine diet and some say a ┬ádog’s digestion cannot properly process grains. Wherever the truth lies, there is no doubt that grains are added to commercial dog food to boost the manufacturers’ profits rather than the nutritional value!

Commercial dog food is cooked and therefore some of the nutritional content of the food is lost. Although commercial dog food comes with supplements, the nutritional quality is considered inferior to the natural vitamins and minerals contained in raw food.

The numbers of owners opting for a raw food regime for their dogs are growing. Some prefer to give their dogs a mixture of raw and commercial food. As we become more conscious about what we ourselves eat, we naturally want the same optimal nutrition for our pets. As a dog owner you may have also questioned the quality of the meat that goes into commercial dog food. Most times it is added because it is inferior and not fit for human consumption.

It’s natural to have some questions before starting your dog on a raw food diet. Just what do I feed and how much of it shall I give him? Are there any foods that I should avoid? And the biggest question; How can I fit all this into my already busy day?

We would like to answer that last question first. Buying raw food for the dog is no less difficult or time consuming that it is to buy commercial dog food. Putting some meat and vegetables inside your shopping cart, instead of dog food takes the same amount of time and energy.

It will take a little bit of adjusting to get used to how much and what to feed your dog, but once you start to do it, you will have the hang of it in no time. After a while, it is going to become second nature. Your dog will be the one to tell you what he or she likes to eat and just how much.

When it comes to a raw food diet for dogs, I’m pretty sure your dog will end up thanking you for it. This type of diet will also help to keep your dog healthier and the coat shinier. If you’re still unconvinced, just start gradually adding raw food to your dog’s diet. I’m sure, as you start to see the the advantages you’ll become a convert too.