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How to Say Adios To A Dog & The Correct Way To Manage Your Emotional Loss

Any dog owner will confirm that watching a loved canine age and then having to say ciao is one of the most difficult things that we ever have to do.

Our dogs simply do not live long enough. The faithful companion that has long been with us is no more. We are never really ready to say goodbye to a dog. One of the most difficult things about losing a dog is the view of folks that miss the blessing of a human/canine relationship. The phrase ”only a dog” will twist the belly of any mourning dog fan.

Grief for a loved pet dog is dissimilar somehow to any other. It wrenches the heart of the bereaved owner. The routine is damaged, especially if the dog was the only one in the home. Taking care of and training an older dog ceases right away. Dog beds lay empty, bowls need not be filled and the home appears desolate on your return.

Alongside the loss of the loved dog will probably be the trauma of exclaiming goodbye. Mercy killing is generally a delicate and physically simple way to end the life of a suffering dog. It's not easy on the owner though. Continuing self-questioning is standard when deciding on the right time for saying goodbye. You feel that you do not want to make the choice too soon or cause your dog to suffer.

Flashbacks in your mind to the instant of your dog’s death or severe illness are part of the grief process. You'll feel that you are coping satisfactorily but then unhappiness hits you in a big wave. This too is a part of the mourning process. It is unfortunately something we must deal with in return for the love our dogs gave us through their lives. It is common to feel that you never desire another dog. The discomfort is too great. Most of the time, this feeling will change.

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Choosing Dog Breed Quiz

Take the free choosing dog breed quiz which helps in choosing the right dog by choosing the right dog breed. After you have completed the quiz for choosing dog then look at our dog breed selector page which goes into more detail on the dog breeds that fit your requirements.

When choosing a dog a lot of people do not know where to begin.

We all love puppies, but you should know what breed the puppy is, and what are the temperament and size tendencies for that breed, so you do not get a 100 pound dog and you live in a studio apartment. Take the choosing dog breed quiz and find out what breeds are suitable to your family’s lifestyle.

Taking the choosing dog breed is so important, because you might think you know what dog breeds are suitable for the family, but until you answer the questions on the quiz and look at the results, you might be surprised on which breeds you thought would be a great addition to the family, yet may not be the best fit. What if someone in the family suffers from allergies ? Then a hypoallergenic dog would maybe be the best type of dog for the family.

Or even better you can take a look at our non shedding dog breeds which even greater diminishes the chance for triggering an allergic reaction.

Who in the family wants a large dog ? Who wants a medium sized or small dog ? What is the size of your home and is there a yard ? Is the yard big enough for a large dog, or even a couple of small dogs ? These are all questions that are asked in the quiz, so do not delay and take the choosing dog breed quiz and find out what breeds are most compatible with your family. You might be surprised on what you find out.

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A Day-cation For You and Your Dog

For many our pets are easily as important as the rest of the family. We wish to protect them and take care of them best we are able to. If we are able to we take them everywhere and plan activities we both can enjoy. But occasionally there are activities which we do that we are not able to include our K9 pal. Be it a visit to the museum, theater or maybe a getaway for yourself to a spa. Why not provide your four legged buddy with a fun and satisfying day also with a trip to a doggy daycare.

Now I am really not talking about a stay at a confining kennel but a trip to a facility were your dog can ramble free and interact with other dogs. This won’t just help the owner have a very good time without worry but it also helps the dog to get used to other people and other dogs and have a great time. Your pet will get exercise and will definitely be a more happy pooch after you and your family do arrive home.

For many choosing the right doggy day care can be a challenge. You want to confirm it is a safe environment for your furry four legged buddy. When looking for the right place for you the number 1 thing you wish to look for is the location kennel free? This is necessary to the animal, you want them to have as much interaction with the other dogs as much as practicable. Dog day care gives your dog an opportunity to have a great time with his dog friends while you’re off doing your business. Let your dog win chums and influence people with his growing social abilities thanks to day care.

The most effective way to start searching for a great dog day care is ask your your breeder and people at dog parks. They are going to be able to steer you in the right way. Once you’ve narrowed down to just a pair possibilities call and set up an appointment to take a tour of the facility and take your pet with you to see how they react also. Although you could have been referred to the center it still is a good idea to get reference and to call them to find out how they felt about the location. This is just additional care to be certain that you are in reality sending your pet to a safe and cheerful environment.

Many home based dog boarding facilities also offer day care. These facilities bring your dog into the care givers home. It’s a stress free, open and friendly environment for your dog. With a touch of research you should find a location that’s a holiday for you 4 legged member of the family.

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Professional Dog Care For Your Fur Kid

For lots of us, a "welcome home" from a pet is yet another reminder of why we work hard and lead busy lives. Actually over 57% of American households own pets. That's more U.S. houses with pets than with youngsters. And if you are one of the average pet owners that can't always take their pets with them on business or pleasure trips, you will be facing the necessity to find quality pet care while you are away. People today are taking better care of their pets than ever seen before. Nearly 45% of owners of pets carry around photos of their pets. Half of all owners of pets report that they consider their pets to be family members. Pets are part of the family, and we are expecting them to be similarly cared for. And caring owners of pets love the extra security and attention pets receive from professional care. Many dog lovers work long hours, get stuck at the office often, or endure long commutes on a daily basis. Professional pet care is an alternative to leaving your pet home alone for extended amounts of time. This is a perfect option for puppies being housetrained and new pets just learning the routine. Did you know 76% of pet owners use some type of pet care while traveling. Many pet care professionals have developed websites that can answer the most asked and important questions pet owners would ask – including Are they insured? Have they got references? Do they have staff? Are overnights available? What are their rates? Are there any coupons available? And how long have you been in operation? So if you are one of the married owners of pets who greet their pet first when you come home from work, or are one that has sung or danced with your pet, think about contacting your local pet sitter or home-run dog boarding and day care to line up an "initial consultation" (generally free). You'll be glad you did the next time you find yourself stuck late at work knowing your puppy is not waiting patiently by the door with crossed legs! Lyn Jones has been offering home dog boarding for over 10 years. Her Oregon City dog boarding facility is convenient to those looking out for a dog boarding Oregon City facility and doggie day care Portland .

How To Select Healthy Foods For Your Dog

Larger and more diverse than ever before are today’s pet food market. This will present a dilemma in choosing the healthiest food for your dog even though it offers a large number of choices in various types of pet food. Which is suitable for a dog: generic or store brands? Have you considered familiar name brands? Are the pricier brands that advertise specially formulated ingredients (Science Diet, Eukanuba) really living up to their claims and worth the extra money? It’s true that loving dog owners deserve to have answers for all of these valid questions.

Considering Some Dog Food

You need to consider several factors when you are choosing the right food for your dog. Different nutritional needs are what different dogs have during the different stages in their lives. When you are choosing the food you will give your dog, there are some things you have to consider.

How Old is the Dog?

Puppies have different nutritional requirements than adult dogs just as human children have different needs than adult people. Different requirements are what senior dogs have unlike the younger adult dogs. Another thing you need to do is make sure that you choose a food that is appropriate for your dog’s stage in life.

The Health of Your Dog

Does your dog have a specific medical condition? If yes, then you need to make sure that partially dictated by that condition is the food that you choose. Diabetic dogs need low-glucose foods and dogs with specific allergies (yes dogs can be allergic to all sorts of things, just like people) may require certain foods as well. Foods that are appropriate for a dog with a specific medical condition is what your veterinarian can help you with.

What is Dog’s Size or Body Type?

You will notice that some dogs are overweight. Then there are those that are underweight. Some have a natural tendency to get lots of exercise while others tend to prefer to lie around a lot. Of course, aside from small, medium, and large dogs, there are also the ultra-tiny ‘toy’ dogs. Different requirements for the type of food they need as well as how much of it is what all of these different types of dogs will have.

Your Budget

When it comes to dog food, it can be expensive and there is no doubt about it. Speaking of dog food, the rule here states that you will get what you pay for. Low cost generics and store brands are made with cheap ingredients and lots of fillers which is why even though they will lighten the burden on your wallet, they are not the healthiest choice for your dog. Buying the best dog food you can on your budget is what you should do to help ensure the nutrition of your dog.

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When a Family Vacation Requires Boarding Your Dog

Preparing for a family vacation could be a load of fun. Those families who are the owners of pets may find going on holiday presents a challenge to find care for this important member of the family. Who can you trust to take excellent care of your pet while you are gone? If there’s not a close co-worker or family member available, you might feel stuck. However , with the choice of dog boarding, you can rest just knowing there is a great solution.

If you are planning a vacation or long excursion, it’s best to begin thinking about your dog’s boarding demands early. With aid from a pet boarding facility, your family dog definitely will get the attention, proper care, and love that she or he wishes. Take some time to investigate your local dog boarding facilities, so that you can see what services are offered.

You can go on your vacation realizing that your small pooch is being well-looked after, and that, in many ways, he is also experiencing a kind of relaxing holiday from everyday life.

Start by asking friends and family if they know of a dog boarding facility they would endorse. Professionals such as your vet, dog groomer or trainer may also give you some insight. Don”t cross out locations that aren’t close to home but could be convenient, such as those close to the airport. Once you have a listing of potential places for dog boarding contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if there were any complaints filed against the facility. An on-site visit with you and your pet is also recommended.

Once you have decided which facility for dog boarding most closely fits your pet, write down a list with explicit instructions. Include your dog’s daily scheduler, any nutritional limitations, medications and/or special needs. The less your four legged friend’s routing is disrupted, the faster he will be able to adjust to his new environment and the more happy he is going to be.

An advantage to employing a doggie boarding location is the proven fact that your dogs care together with health and fitness needs aren’t going to be missed. If your four-legged pal must take prescribed medication as well as extra medical attention on a consistent basis, it’s not an issue. Facility staff will give your four-legged pal their very own dosages on a consistent basis. Additionally, if your dog has other extra care demands, the dog boarding facility can figure out a schedule that works best for you along with your furry friend.

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