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Choosing Dog Breed Quiz

Take the free choosing dog breed quiz which helps in choosing the right dog by choosing the right dog breed. After you have completed the quiz for choosing dog then look at our dog breed selector page which goes into more detail on the dog breeds that fit your requirements.

When choosing a dog a lot of people do not know where to begin.

We all love puppies, but you should know what breed the puppy is, and what are the temperament and size tendencies for that breed, so you do not get a 100 pound dog and you live in a studio apartment. Take the choosing dog breed quiz and find out what breeds are suitable to your family’s lifestyle.

Taking the choosing dog breed is so important, because you might think you know what dog breeds are suitable for the family, but until you answer the questions on the quiz and look at the results, you might be surprised on which breeds you thought would be a great addition to the family, yet may not be the best fit. What if someone in the family suffers from allergies ? Then a hypoallergenic dog would maybe be the best type of dog for the family.

Or even better you can take a look at our non shedding dog breeds which even greater diminishes the chance for triggering an allergic reaction.

Who in the family wants a large dog ? Who wants a medium sized or small dog ? What is the size of your home and is there a yard ? Is the yard big enough for a large dog, or even a couple of small dogs ? These are all questions that are asked in the quiz, so do not delay and take the choosing dog breed quiz and find out what breeds are most compatible with your family. You might be surprised on what you find out.

Want to find out more about choosing dog breed quiz, then visit on how important choosing the right dog is.

Dry Dog Food Comparison

Before you buy any dog food for your pet, it will be essential that you know what is in their favorite foods and compare dog food ingredients and look at dog food ratings. This means taking the time to read our dry dog food comparison to fully understand what they are eating.

Our dry dog food comparison will give you pertinent information on dog food ingredients, so you can compare dog foods using your best judgement and not be persuaded by manufacturer’s packaging promises. Dog food ratings from the manufacturers need to be closely studied so as to not be fooled by the big name dog food manufacturers.

You might ask why should I even think about using commercial dog food, what with some dog food manufacturers using inexpensive byproducts and low quality ingredients ? The answer to that question is that most people do not have the time, money or commitment to have their canines on a homemade dog food diet. There are quality dog food products out there, you just need to compare dog food ingredients by knowing what are quality ingredients from our dry dog food comparison.

When you compare dog food ingredients, look at all the ingredients. The first seven ingredients are usually the most important, but all the remaining ingredients also help in dog food ratings because these can be low grade or filler ingredients. The first source of fat is also good when conducting a dry dog food comparison and can be from animal or vegetable. Just be careful when they list these as non-specific sources, like animal fat, poultry fat, vegetable oil, generic fish oil and mineral oil, because those are ingredients are vague and will be of lower quality.

As consumers we have trusted certain dog food manufacturers because we have gotten good results from using their products, so this is one way to do your own dry dog food comparison. The Association of American Feed Control Officials is the governing body of the feed industry and do not allow any statements on the quality of the dog food ingredients, so you must compare dog food ingredients on your own. We also do not know how much of an ingredient is used in their products which can make dog food ratings difficult.

Your dog loves lard and beef tallow but when you compare dog foods, the lesser quality foods contain these ingredients. Both of these ingredients are high in saturated fats and low in the much needed fatty acids. So when we compare dog food ingredients, which are good and which are bad ? Fats and oils are good ingredients for a dry dog food comparison because they help keep your dog’s skin and coat looking healthy and helps in proper brain development. Some named fats and oils are sunflower oil, chicken fat, flax oil, canola oil and herring oil.

Here are the fats and oils you need to avoid when buying dog food: mineral oil, animal fat, poultry fat, generic fish oil and vegetable oil.

Learn more about dry dog food comparison. Stop by where you can compare dog food ingredients and make an educated decision.