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How Cataracts In Dogs Can Be Treated Using Eye Drops

It’s common for pet owners to worry quite a bit about treating cataracts in dogs. A common misconception is that you need to put your pet through surgery. This isn’t true and your vet will discuss all your options with you. Surgery is often the last option as it can be quite risky to put your pet through. It might be that your pets health might make it unsuitable to have the operation.

Once you have the diagnosis, your vet will keep you informed as to the best way to treat the problem. Letting you know the risks associated with each remedy and advising you on the best course of action.

A great and effective way to treat cataracts in dogs is the use of eye drops.

The most common reason for cataracts developing in dogs is down to age. The older a dog gets, the worse their health gets and oftentimes it’s their eyesight that starts to go first.

It’s something that is best treated as early as possible as dog blindness can be caused by the lack of treatment.

Fortunately with the dog cataracts eye drops, there’s no risk to the dogs health as it’s just a few drops a day to help remedy your dogs eye condition.

From looking at the reports from some of the other dogs with cataracts, who have been treated using eye drops, it’s often just a few weeks for the improvements to be noticed.

It might not be as fast at improving your dogs eyesight but using eye drops instead will still provide the same long lasting benefits. The only problem is that it needs done daily and dogs will find it quite uncomfortable.

When using eye drops for treating dog cataracts, it’s normally around the 6 week bench mark for improvements to be noticed.

Once your dog starts to feel the improvements, you’ll probably notice an overall improvement to their behavior too.

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