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Dog Obedience Training At Home With Some Easy Steps

There are some basic things that one needs to understand about dog obedience training. Almost every dog owner wants their dog to behave like an obedient dog just like the T.V. dogs. Some of the dog owners also seek dog training schools as they believe that the best training can only be given by the dog training schools, but it’s not the fact.

Dog obedience training can be done at home itself, without sending your dog to any school. I would say that the best training can be given at home only, by the dog owner itself. But in order to start training your dogs at home, you should consider re-thinking about some myths.

* Don’t start training your dog unless he is 4 months older or more. Truth: you can start training the dog from the very first day you bring it home. Just make sure that you don’t force the dog too much in the beginning.

* Discipline is the key to obedient dog: By following a disciplined routine for dog training you will get a dog that will obey you. Do you ever realize that this dog is not doing anything happily but just out of fear? Too much discipline will make your dog dull and in habit of living in fear always.

* Older dogs can’t be trained: People say, older dogs can’t be trained good but I believe that older dogs are the best to be trained. They have their mind developed to understand things better, they have their body developed to take any physical task. This makes them ideal for training.

* Don’t train dogs of less than 4 months of age: I would say here that the dog training should begin from the day 1. You can start slowly with them and then take things to higher level with time as they get old. Some short lessons won’t provide any harm to your lovely dog.

Consider such small things and see your dog growing as an obedient dog that not only obeys to what his master tells but love him as well.

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