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It’s a Ball … It’s a Disc … Catch It!

Dog chase ball. Dog retrieves ball. Do it again and again and again. Do you know a dog who is obsessed with playing fetch?

Rather than chasing a ball, some dogs prefer their “babies”. This is usually a soft plush dog toy that brings security and comfort to dogs. Some dogs prefer docile rather than athletic interaction.

Herding breeds as well as retrievers tend to have a natural instinct to chase and retrieve an object. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers enjoy playing fetch. In addition to fetch, many dogs also enjoy catching a disc in mid air.

Disc dogs require the skills necessary to track a disc and judge when and where to catch it in mid air. This requires agility and attentiveness. In order for a dog to stay focused, the dog owner shouldn’t throw the Frisbee haphazardly.

A dog doesn’t have to be a pure bred or come from a line of disc dogs to be an accomplished disc dog. Many mixed breeds, dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups have been trained to be World Champion disc dogs. In many cases, dogs have overcome abandonment, aggression and various trauma issues via their disc training.

Training your dog to fetch a ball is easier when the dog owner makes a slit in a ball and puts a dog treat inside the ball. After the dogs retrieves the ball and brings it to you, take the treat out of the ball and reward your pup. Soon your dog will fetch the ball without the dog treat inside, and enjoy a reward of a good belly rub.

Teaching your dog to catch a disc in mid air is different than playing fetch. When you train your dog to catch a Frisbee, the dog should only receive a reward when the disc is caught in mid air; otherwise they will confuse fetch training and disc training. Fetch is retrieving an object from the ground, catching a Frisbee in the air requires different training and rewarding.

Teaching your dog new tricks requires a lot of repetition, attention and most of all trust. Never throw a disc or ball at your dog. Through training, play and affection the relationship between a dog and dog owner is priceless!

Some dogs have endless energy when it comes to playing fetch. It the pure pleasure of having a ball in their mouth and a bonus when someone tosses the ball for them to retrieve! Joanne Gallagher suggests browsing to Jake’s Dog House for exiting dog toys.

Causes of Dog Tear Stains

We all strive to look our best. There are cosmetic remedies and prescription medicines for dark circles and puffy eyes. The same is true for dogs that have reddish-brown stains under their eyes.

Tear stains are apparent on white and light hair dogs. Brown, black and dogs with darker hair and fur experience tear staining also; it just is not that noticeable because it is camouflaged by their coloring. Light or dark coated, not all dogs experience tear staining.

Some dogs have a genetic predisposition when it comes to tear staining. Researching the direct lineage of your pup will help to determine if your pup will experience tearing and staining. If mom and pop have clean eyes, most likely the same will be true for their pups.

The mineral level in water is also a documented cause of tear stains. Many dog owners put filtered water or commercially bottled water in their dog’s water bowl. If this doesn’t eliminate enough minerals for your dog try distilled water.

The overall health of your dog is a key factor in controlling tear stains. An ear infection, clogged tear ducts or eye lashes that keep getting in the corner of your dog’s eye can cause excessive tearing. Having a Veterinarian examine your pet will determine if tearing is a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

A Veterinarian can help diagnose the cause of excessive eye tearing and staining. Vets can determine if your dog has clogged tear ducts, ear infections or irritating eye lashes that are causing your dog’s eye to tear. Treating an ear infection or unclogging an eye duct via eye irrigation can be medically necessary. If there is a severe eye condition a Veterinary Opthalmologist might be required to treat your dog’s condition.

Good hygiene is important for every pet. However it can also play a simple role in keeping eye stains under control. Routine baths with a flea shampoo and washing your dogs face daily can make a significant difference.

Check with your Veterinarian to be sure the method you choose is safe for your dog. The eye area is very sensitive and extra caution is necessary to keep your pet beautiful and healthy!

There are several reasons why a dog has tear stains. It is trial and error to figure out which is causing the problem in your dog. Joanne Gallagher is an expert in caring for your dog and suggests browsing to Jake’s Dog House for different solutions for tear stain removal.

Diet Reflects a Dog’s Health

Deciding what kind of dog food and dog treats are appropriate for your dog is as important as deciding what to feed your family. Reading ingredient labels to stay aware of recalls is necessary to insure your pet is receiving safe and healthy meals.

Recent recalls include peanut butter dog treats. Not all manufacturers were affected by this recall. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine and Northern Biscuit Company are examples of dog treat manufacturers whose products were not affected by the peanut butter recall. Thankfully the contaminated peanut butter products were taken off the shelves and the recall is over.

ROTATIONS Pet Food also has a of meal varieties for senior dogs which is fortified with glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and vitamin C to promote joint care and boost immunity. Older dogs don’t exercise like they did in their youth; therefore need to reduce their calorie intake to prevent gaining too much weight. The Senior blend also includes supplements like glucosamine to prevent arthritis.

Veterinarians recommend daily exercise for diabetic dogs and a diet to manage their insulin. A dog looks forward to treats and rewards and luckily diabetic dogs can enjoy a dog treat that is in line with their diabetic regimen. The Old Dog Cookie Company Diabetic Cookies are all natural dog treats that contain herbs and ingredients that help reduces your dog’s blood sugar.

When the cartilage in your dog’s joints breaks down and wears away a dog begins to suffer from arthritis. Glucosamine is a natural supplement that can prevent arthritis and relieve arthritis symptoms. Feeding your dog an all natural dog food like Dogswell HAPPY HIPS dry dog food with Glucosamine & Chondroitin will help maintain healthy hips and joints and apples and cage free chicken create a well balanced meal.

Food allergies are common among many breeds of dogs. Wheat, corn and soy can cause itchy skin, skin and ear infections, excessive scratching, hot spots, hair loss, and frequent bowel movements in a dog with an allergy to these products.

Pinnacle Holistic Trout & Sweet Potato Dry Formula with Essential Vitamins & Minerals with added Probiotics and all natural ingredients including Trout, Oatmeal, Herring Meal, Oat Flour, Canola, Sweet Potato, Calcium Carbonate and Flax Seed is meal full of protein and complex carbohydrates. A good choice for dogs with food allergies.

Deciding what kind of dog food and dog treats are appropriate for your dog is as important as deciding what to feed your family. Reading ingredient labels to stay aware of recalls is necessary to insure your pet is receiving safe and healthy meals.

Choosing what kind of dog food and dog treats are crucial for your dog is as vital as selecting what to feed your family. Joanne Gallagher is an authority on dog nutrition and suggests browsing to Jake’s Dog House for nutritious dog treats that are not only nutritious, but fun for your dog.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Travel

Summer vacation time is approaching swiftly. Specifically, Memorial Day Weekend is a perfect time for a weekend getaway or road trip. Having your pet tag along your pet tag along on your family outing is not only fun and enjoyable for the whole family; your pet will enjoy it as well.

This article contains some important tips to consider when traveling with your pet. Your trip will be more enjoyable if you keep your dog safe and content in the car. A dog or cat left unrestrained may be a hazardous distraction to the driver. There is actually equipment designed specifically for traveling with your pet.

Pets should be protected during the trip by not allowing them to jump around or poking their head out of the window. Allowing your pet to ride with their head outside the window can cause harm the inner ear, infections to the lungs, and damage from flying debris. Your car’s air conditioner works just fine for your dog.

Various dangers exist when pets are left unrestrained in the vehicle. Although many pets are well behaved in the car, consider your pets safety if you happen to be involved in an auto accident.

Make certain your pet cannot roam around the vehicle. Options include a pet safety belt, pet harness or pet car seat. These pet auto travel safety devices ensure that should an accident happen, your pet is not thrown from the vehicle or into other passengers.

A dog auto harness that attaches to the car’s safety belt is a safe substitute to a dog crate. A properly fitted auto pet harness will allow your pet to sit and lie down comfortably during travel and will provide protection during sudden stops or emergency turns.

Car Safety Vest Dog Harness by ODonnell provides protection to your pet while riding in a vehicle. These harnesses are crash tested to the same standards as a child safety seat. Thirty (30) lbs. at 30 mph. Their universal metal buckle fits into most seat belt receptacles. Made and manufactured from ballistic nylon, the harness provides extra security for your pet’s protection.

Pets are great traveling partners and add to the family’s vacation experience. Whether you are going on a quick trip or on long distance vacation; your pets safety is essential for everyone on the road!

Preparing a safe vacation is a walk in the park at Jake’s Dog House where you will recieve great prices on a Car Safety Vest Dog Harness or Pet Car Seats.

Dogs Need Coats and Sweaters Too!

Cold winter day are swiftly approaching. So pull out those coats, sweaters and heaters! Even though dogs have their own coats, they can always the additional warmth presented by a dog coat or jacket.

Dog lovers enjoy playing dress up with their small dogs. Smaller breeds of dogs have hair rather than fur and are susceptible to cold weather. They require the warmth that dog clothes offer if they are outdoors for any amount of time. Breeds such as: Silky Terriers, Chinese Crested Dogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds and Maltese in fact benefit from sporting a dog sweater or coat. Tiny dogs prefer not to be exposed to the cold or rain and are most content warm and dry.

Mid-sized dogs such as Welsh Corgis or Pugs are very muscular yet have very short hair. But a Welsh Corgi would look superb in a classy coat or jacket? Sometimes it is all about looking good! Boxers are another type of dog that does not do well in intense temperatures even with their muscular physique. And a Corduroy Dog Jacket would look great on any Boxer?

Short haired breeds, like a Basenji, Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Weimaraner and Vizsla have a slender build and require exercise outdoors. They do not handle severe cold weather very well. During cold days a barn jacket is effortless to Velcro around an active dog and helps to keep outdoor dogs toasty in colder weather. The Polyester helps ward off wind and water to maintain dryness and safety from the elements, while the fleece side captures body heat to supply warm comfort.

Some dog breeds don’t require the warmth of a coat. For instance, the Alaskan Malamute has a thick and wooly base-coat that allows them to be exposed to the extreme cold weather without wearing protection. The Samoyed has a dual coat that contains a soft, thick undercoat with a harsh outer layer. In addition, cold temperature breeds have a tuft of hair around their neck for extra warmth.

Aging dogs need extra warmth in their old age. A fleece lined dog coat will maintain an older dogs warmth effectively. Especially for arthritic dogs, a dog jacket or coat will present relief to their cold bodies. Dogs not in good health can profit from a therapeutic dog coat. By using heat, cold and magnetic therapy, these dog coats offer rehabilitation for pain relief.

The correct fit is necessary for best possible comfort. Follow these steps using a tape measure to determine what size coat your dog will need.

Step 1: Determine your dog’s girth. Measure the girth which is the chest directly behind the front legs.

Step 2: Determine your dog’s neckline. This is very important for hooded dog apparel.

Step 3: Measure the length of your dog from the base of their neck to the base of their tail.

Even though dogs are born with their own coats, they always could use extra warmth for cold and rainy days.

Even though dogs come equipped with their own natural coat, they can always use an extra layer of comfort for adverse weather. Joanne Gallagher recommends visiting Jake’s Dog House for a large assortment of Dog Sweaters & Coats that will offer your dog with comfort and fashion during the cold winter months.

The Value Of A Dog Leash

Dog Owners should know the value of a dog leash. A dog leash is a great way to protect your pet from the dangers the outside world can hold.

An unrestrained dog can get be a problem, regardless of the training your dog has received. Many pet owners treat their pets like their own children, and just like a child should have boundaries lest they wander off and get hurt, so should dogs.

Various distractions occur in the outdoors that encourages a dog to leave the yard. The noise of automobiles and motorcycles can cause a dog to bark, and in many cases they will run after the vehicle causing a distraction to the driver as well as potential harm to your dog.

Other distractions that may tempt your dog to leave the yard are wildlife. Birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer can make an otherwise trained dog to abandon their manners and chase the animal especially dogs that are bred for hunting. It only takes a brief moment and your dog is gone and they might be too far away to hear you call or whistle. If they return uninjured, they often times have rolled in something quite foul. Additionally, on garbage days, they might stop and dig in a garbage can or two which will make neighbors a little agitated.

Allowing your dog to freely wander the neighborhood can aggravate your neighbors, particularly if your dog decides to relieve themselves or dig holes on their lawn. Little children may also be afraid. Sometimes a dog will want to play but the young child sees the dog as being aggressive a chase ensues. Even though the dog is being playing, the child does not realize this and may get hurt as they try to run away from the dog.

Even if your dog is not typically aggressive, when a stranger approaches to read a dog tag or a young child attempts to give it a hug the dog may get defensive and attempt to nip or bite. This is a shocking situation for both parties: the injured, the owner and the confused dog. Even though accidents happen, the dog owner is responsible.

The ideal solution is to fence your yard. If you do not have a yard, try visiting a Dog Park. Dog Parks are a perfect location for dogs to run and play with other dogs. Dog Parks are popping up all over these days. To find a Dog Park in your area, contact your local veterinarian.

Taking care of your pet is a large responsibility. Dogs must be supervised at all times to keep them safe. A dog on a leash is a simple solution to keep your dog out of harm’s way

Dog Leashes come in many styles to best suit the dog and the dog owner. There are 4 foot leashes that are great for city dogs; hands free dog leashes are great for exercising along with your dog, couplers for walking multiple dogs; retractable leashes offer flexibility; and the basic 6 foot leash typically is offered in one inch and 5/8 widths to accommodate most dogs.

Even though playing with your dog unrestrained is pleasurable, dog owners must understand the concequences of not leashing their dogs when appropriate. Joanne recommends ensuring your dogs safety by visiting Jakes Dog House for dog leashes of a variety of designs and sizes.