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Telling The Citronella Collar Apart From The Others.

Endless barking can be a very annoying thing. If your pet’s barking starts to bother you, imagine what it does to your neighbors. In addition, your dog’s constant barking can transform a quiet get-together with your friends into a struggle to understand what each other is saying. Luckily, companies and dog schools have come up with different methods for reducing a dog’s barking and making life easier for the dog owner. Oral training should always be your first choice, but if you are not getting good results or you just don’t have the time to implement it, you might consider making a small investment in bark collars. [viddler:793eab73;Bark Collars Reviews;] The citronella collar is one of your best choices. This collar is outselling the traditional shock collar because it’s not considered harsh.

The Citronella Spraying Collar

The biggest advantage of the citronella collar is that it’s effective and gentle on your dog at the same time. The collar works by relying on the dog’s highly developed sense of smell. It’s designed to spray a small dose of citronella essence in front of the dog’s nose whenever the dog barks. This method doesn’t hurt the dog, but surprises it into silence with the introduction of a sudden smell.

They will try to figure out what the odor is and where it is coming from. Over time they will start to understand the process. They may not totally understand where the odor is coming from but they will realize that every time they bark the spray will shoot out. It is the mist of citronella oil extract that is used here and this is the same oil that is used to repel mosquitoes.

The Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar is one of the best choices. It is available through all pet supply stores and is affordable to boot. It is one of the simplest to operate bark deterrents on the market today. The best part is that it will start working right away. Some dogs take a bit longer to get used to it, and understand that they need to stop barking to stop the spray but it always works.

There are other options but the citronella collar usually tops the list for most dog owners. If You love your dog and do not want to see them get hurt, but at the same time you do not want to have to deal with their incessant barking, this citronella collar offers you the best of both worlds and it is easy to refill.

Most of all, the citronella collar goes easy on your dog and leaves you without any worries that your family or neighbors will complain to you about your best friend.

If you want to reduce your dog’s barking to normal levels, then the citronella collar is the way to go. This type of collar is successful because it’s efficient while treating your dog kindly at the same time. The citronella collar can be found in pretty much every pet store there is.