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Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

One out of ten dogs suffers from canine diabetes. What makes it dangerous is that its symptoms are not always noticeable yet its adverse effects are irreversibly damaging the dog?s organs and internal systems. This sickness is gradual in its progression, but definite in the havoc it is creating. Diabetes must be treated as soon as possible or else will prove fatal to the dog.

Diabetes usually manifest in dogs that are about seven to nine years old. Some breeds are also more prone to contract this condition. There are only a few options available when it is in its advanced stages so it is vital that you watch out for these symptoms of dog diabetes to be able to treat it as soon as possible.

1. Extreme thirst and urination. When a canine has diabetes, he is unable to process glucose properly. Because of the overproduction of glucose in his system, the dog will attempt to remedy this by urinating more frequently than normal. This in turn causes him to be dehydrated and he will become thirstier. He will also discharge colorless and overly runny urine. Take care not to confuse this with incontinence or a simple bladder infection.

2. Fatigue. If your usually active dog is easily tired without any clear cause?it is indicative of something internally wrong with him. It is important that you are able to notice sometimes imperceptible and seemingly harmless behavioral changes that might actually need medical attention.

3. Considerable weight gain. Insulin deficiency, as caused by diabetes renders the dog unable to burn sugar adequately. A lack of energy and an increase in body weight is the natural outcome. If you notice your pet becoming fat without knowing any particular reason why he is?it is a sign that something is wrong with how he processes his food and a check-up is advised.

4. Unexplained weight loss. A dog suffering from diabetes will not be able to gain enough energy from food so he will instead burn stored fat. The outcome of this is weight loss and an increase in ketone levels. This is a common complication of diabetes and can be treated with an appropriate and nutritional diet.

Perhaps the main cause of this sickness is simply heredity. It is a good idea to check the puppy and its parents? medical history to find out if the pet is susceptible to having diabetes. Sometimes, infections and diseases trigger abnormal insulin production in the dog, thus causing diabetes. Cushing?s disease is an example of a condition that may initiate canine diabetes.

It is of vital importance that you remember and take note of any changes in your dog. Symptoms of dog diabetes will manifest and when they do, be sure to take them to your vet as soon as you are able. Diabetes, sometimes lead to canine death but when it is discovered early on will not prove to be terminal. Maintain regular vet appointments to ensure your pet?s optimal health.

To maintain dog health, consider giving a pet vitamin supplement . Dog vitamins come in a number of forms. Find out the facts for your dog.

The Top 5 Smartest Dog Breeds You Can Own

Are you looking for a pet? Many of you are searching the Internet right now trying to learn more about dogs before you finally choose which one you want to adopt for your own.

You might be familiar with the Doberman Pinscher. They occupy the fifth spot in the smartest dogs in the world. Dobermans not only make for an awesome looking pet with their short, shiny coat and muscular, lean physique-they are very smart too. Doberman Pinschers are marked for their fearlessness, obedience, energy, alertness-making them ideal guardians and watchdogs for us.

Golden Retrievers are probably the most well-loved canines in the world. And why not? The Golden Retriever exemplifies the very best in dogs. They are very smart, eager to please, loyal, affectionate and great with children. They have beautiful long golden hair that should be groomed regularly. You will find Retrievers also winning many performance dog shows.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most loveable dogs ever. They best express the reasons why we all love dogs. These beautiful long-haired animals are affectionate, loyal, intelligent, eager to please and they are really good with children. They are super sociable, but they will protectively shield children away from dangers and suspicious strangers when needed.

German Shepherds takes the third place in being the smartest dog. They are intelligent, super loyal, courageous, and are known for their strong protective instinct. These smart and large dog breeds are excellent in helping people with important tasks. You can see many German Shepherds help people in bomb sniffing, guiding blind individuals and search and rescue operations, among others.

Care to venture a guess as to what breed gets the top rank as the cleverest dog there is? If you said the Border Collie, then you are correct. This medium-sized dog breed is renowned for its almost humanlike intelligence. They are extremely sharp, instinctive, agile, energetic and obedient. They were often used by shepherds before to help in herding the large flocks of sheep. They can understand and execute even complex tasks and can learn new commands fairly quickly.

When you get a smart pet you must also do your job in maintaining them. What does this mean? Intelligent animals are often unhappy when they feel that they have no purpose and will get bored easily when they are not engaged. Large dog breeds particularly can get more destructive when left on their own so be sure that you exercise them frequently to vent excess energy and keep them healthy.

These are the smartest dog breeds around-so what do you say, are you ready for one yourself? Make sure to give them a good diet and have regular visits to the vet. A healthy and happy pet is one of the highest joys there is in life. Enjoy!

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What are The Best Dog Breeds for Families?

All families, at one point or another, have considered adopting a pet to its loving arms. Especially if you have a young child, the first time they’ll ever hold their pet is like their first Christmas. Now, once you get the idea of having a cute and cuddly mutt firmly in your mind, our initial impulse we have is to go to the pet store and see which big brown eyes melt our hearts the most. The first thing we need to do is to find out which dog is most ideal for our situation. Here is the essential guide on how to find the best dog breeds for families.

First of all we need to keep in mind that as families come in different shapes and sizes-so do the animals that we choose to take. It is very important that you consider your family’s needs and preferences before you decide on a cute but incompatible pet.

So what about your family? How many are you at home? Is it just the two of you or do you have a few kids living under your roof too? If you do, then how old are they? They have to be old enough to understand responsibility and know how to handle a pet. You also need to find out if you have elderly people living with you and if they have any health concerns with allergies. Dog dander, or dry skin in dog’s skin and fur, as well as other irritants that attach itself to the dog’s coat can cause severe allergic reaction for some people.

Also consider your lifestyle as well as the area you live in. Are you a city dweller or a suburb resident? Some apartment buildings do not allow pets inside their compounds. Will you be always out of the house? No matter how human-like in intelligence you’d like to think your dog has, somebody still has to supervise your dog in your home.

One of the best dog breeds for families is usually the Golden Retriever. They are happy, devoted and are eager to please. They love people and are very friendly-and they are known to protect children from danger and strangers if need be. Labrador Retrievers are also excellent pet to have for the same reason. Border Collies are said to be the most intelligent canine there is. They used to help shepherds herding their flocks so Collies should be good in rounding up children safely and gently.

If you are interested in small dog breeds, Poodles are a good choice. Poodles look dainty and indulgent, but they are actually one of the smartest dogs there is. They are friendly with children and can be easily trained as well. For a more masculine canine-try the Pug. Pugs are cute small dog breeds that are playful and entertaining to have around. Kids who love dogs that can keep up with them should have a pug.

If small dog breeds are what you are interested in, Poodles are one of the better choices you can make. They may look dainty and girly, but these elegant mutts are extremely smart and excellent with children. They are also quick to pick up commands. If these poufy creatures are too feminine for you, how about a Pug? Pugs are also adorable small dog breeds that are super energetic, playful and very entertaining to have around.

Whether you prefer large or small dog breeds, dogs are great pets to have. Visit and get great information on the best dog breeds for families that you can use today.

Will Your Dog Benefit from Homemade Dog Food?

Many people feed their dogs special diets after they determine what foods their dogs need to eat, both for regular meals and for special treats. This dog information allows them to be sure that they are feeding their dogs the food that they need to stay healthy and strong for a long time to come.

Some companies, such as flint river ranch dog food, make human grade dog food, which means a person can eat it without becoming ill. Alternatively, you can make your own dog food at home. Some dog owners have started their pets on diets that are tailored to meet their pet’s special dietary needs.

Once the owner knows this dog information, they can be certain they are giving their dogs the nutrients they need. Concerned owners have started to use their dog information to cook and/or bake their own dog food and snacks. Use caution! If you make your own dog food the wrong way, you can end up harming your dog more than helping them.

For example, there may be certain meats or fats that your dog can not digest. In addition, there are some foods that are bad for dogs. These include chocolate, grapes, raisins, bread dough, and anything moldy. There are also companies that will make all natural dog food for you. These companies have done all the research and know your dog information including what vitamins and minerals your dog needs to survive and thrive. They also know what foods can make your dog sick.

Some companies, such as Flint River Ranch Dog Food, make human grade dog food, which means a person can eat it without becoming ill. Today you can buy dog treats that are safe enough for people to eat. Specialist pet bakeries create these snacks and bake them just as if they were cookies or bread. Ask your pet bakery if you can bring your dog in for samples so you may buy the dog treats he loves most.

Whatever food you decide to give your dog, remember to research it so that you are giving your dog the best possible life. Every dog needs enough water, rest and exercise in order to stay healthy. Don’t forget that we are supposed to be our dog’s best friends, and we need to make the right decisions for them.

American dogs, like American people, are gaining more and more excess weight. They may live contentedly with their owners, but a lot of dogs are less active than they should be and eat less appropriate diets than dogs did only 10 to 20 years ago. We see more illness, more vet bills and dogs with much shorter life spans as well.

The best dog information online, includes resources on homemade dog food, or the excellent dog food known as Flint River Ranch dog food.

A Short Overview on the Symptoms and Causes of UTI in Dogs

Many people erroneously think that UTI is a condition that occurs only to people-not so. Urinary tract infection is an ailment that actually attacks the canine species more often than humans. This is not an exotic or overly dangerous sickness, but we still need to learn more about it to protect our pet from needless suffering.

So what causes urinary tract infections in dogs? It is a question often asked and rightly so. It is advisable for us to know the causes, symptoms and preventative measures we can take to address the problem in the best way possible.

Proteus mirabilis, Escherichia coli, pseudomonas, coagulase positive straphylococcus, esterococcus, or klebsiella are the main causes of UTI in dogs. These are organisms that find its way inside the dog’s system through unclean food and water. When it penetrates the system and is not treated properly, it may cause severe inflammation in the bladder and urethra of the animal. This is why female dogs have a higher risk of contracting urinary infections-they have shorter urethras.

Other than contaminated food, bacteria can enter through the canine through its external urinary orifices-this is called ascending UTI. Sometimes, the nervous system is incapable of completely eliminating the urine from the bladder which also contributes to this particular ailment. Bladder tumors are among the other causes of UTI in dogs that must be detected early on to avoid more serious complications.

Urinary tract infections can usually be resolved through uncomplicated home remedies that have proven effective by many pet owners. However, if you wish to avert medical intervention for treating urinary cases, you must be knowledgeable about the symptoms of UTI. Otherwise, the infection will worsen and the dog’s life will be put in danger.

The most noticeable signs of UTI are seen in the canine’s urinating routines and the appearance of his urine. Watch out if he is excessively thirsty even if he hasn’t done any strenuous physical exercise. Dehydration often marks an internal breakdown that the body is trying to cope up with. Frequent urination in odd places around the house is another symptom of this ailment.

Examine the urine that your pet has. If his urine contains blood and has a rank odor, be wary. The absence of any discharge show that the dog is already in the latter stages of the bladder infection. More than that, a painful abdomen is a sure indication of UTI. If more than one of these symptoms appears, have your dog checked by the vet immediately.

Finding out what causes urinary tract infection in dogs and the symptoms you should watch out for will greatly help in keeping your pet safe from contracting it. UTI can be prevented by maintaining a clean living environment for the dog, and ensuring that the food he ingests is as fresh as possible. Provide fresh and distilled water as often as possible to wash out any unwanted toxins and organisms that may be present in the dog.

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What You Need To Know About In Home Dog Training

Tell me the truth-you’ve always dreamed of a tail-wagging, happy-barking dog to fetch you your slippers when you come home from work right? If not this, you’ve probably thought of some other similar scene perhaps? Well, you are not alone. So many people want a well-trained pet but not enough people take the step of having them trained. You can try obedience schools, but why enroll them there when you can always do it yourself.

While there are several exceptionally qualified dog schools available near your place, the majority of us would not be able to afford it. Now, does that mean that we should make do with an unruly dog? Of course not-a good dog is not a privilege but a necessity for every responsible pet owner. So if dog schools are not an option for you, do not worry-in home dog training does the job at only the fraction of the cost.

While canine training schools do an excellent job in educating dogs, it is not always the most suitable course of action for the majority of us. Now, that doesn’t mean that we should be left with an uncivilized and unruly dog. A well-behaved dog is something every pet owner must endeavor to have. If obedience school is not an option for you, in home dog training is a great alternative to help us teach our pets.

There is a lot of informative and very helpful dog training DVDs out right now to aid you in your mission to educate your dog to become the next Lassie. You can google reliable canine sites that will have indispensable literature and tips that will give you the secrets of experienced pet owners and trainers. Here are a few dog training tips you can try at home and see how well it will work for you.

The great thing about dog crate training is that it is actually potty training your pet as well. Remember, as much as possible canines will not eliminate in the place they settle in.

Therefore if your pet is crate trained, he will hold his business until you come and take them out of their crate and into your garden-or whatever outdoor area you set for them. Imagine the convenience and practicality it will bring you.

Socialization is one of the most important things you will ever impart to your pet. Make sure you surround him with people and other animals as early as you can. When he is comfortable with people, he will less likely become a threat to society. Be firm in your training; but always do so with kindness. Never compromise your position as his leader; but never treat him harshly as well.

The best thing to make your in home dog training effective is positive reinforcement. Be armed with doggie treats and a lot of praises. Dogs are simple creatures with a sincere desire to please his master. Enjoy this special time with him even as you train him how to be a good dog. Rest assured– it is time well spent.

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