Adirondak Pointing Dog A.k.a. Canadian Pointer

A Canadian Pointer is a medium sized dogs with a muscular body and a coarse coat that is about 1 ½ inches in length. The Canadian Pointer belongs to the hunting, pointing and retrieving breed but contrary to what is implied by the name, this breed was actually developed in United States. This gundog that is utilized to hunt, point, and retrieve foxes, rabbits and other upland small game was the result of a crossing Labrador Retrievers, English Pointers and Portuguese Pointers in 1880s.

Measured at the withers, the Canadian Pointer stands about 30 inches and weighs from 48 to 60 pounds. Also known as Adirondak Pointing Dog, a Canadian Pointer closely resembles its ancestors thus it is often mistaken for an English Pointer. A discerning eye though would see that this breed has shorter ears and a thicker coat. The thick coats of Canadian Pointers allows these dogs to hunt in the very cold temperatures of the mountains. A Canadian Pointer can have a light brown and white, a black and white or a dark brown and white coat color.

The Canadian Pointer is less agile as compared to other pointing breeds. Compared to English Pointers, Canadian Pointers are not so agile as the front and hind quarters give this breed a rather restricted stance. Canadian Pointers though are very healthy dogs and known to have a life expectancy of about 15 years.

A Canadian Pointer was developed to be a hunter but the dog has the personality wanted in a family companion. Due to this breeds eagerness to please personality, Canadian Pointers are usually hunted on weekends and on weekdays, these dogs make ideal family companions. People that have opted to have this breed as a home companion would encounter no difficulties in training the pet as Canadian Pointers, apart from being intelligent also have an obedient nature. Teaching the dog tricks would not be difficult. A Canadian Pointer has low grooming requirements thus it would be an ideal choice for dog owners that do not have too much time to groom the pet.

A Canadian Pointer has a sensitive scenting ability. The dog is also extremely protective of the human family. This is not a ferocious breed, this dog is noted to have a calm temperament but it does not mean that the dog would not move with alacrity if the family is threatened. Being a hunter, a Canadian Pointer would do well in an outdoor setting but it can also adapt to the life of being a home companion. This even tempered dog makes a good family pet as it can be the gentle and tolerant playmate of the kids.

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