A Brief History Of Dog Breeds

There’s a really very good reason that the pet dog has garnered a substantial renown as man’s greatest companion . Over the many decades the domestic dog has been tied to its human  counterparts through a symbiotic relationship in which both receives what they need and contributes what they can give. Through the period of this lasting partnership, dogs have been engineered to fit in precisely with the circumstances of human culture in a massive number of vastly different ways .

The outcome of this structured engineering and the evolutionary requirements of the varied situations in which mutts have been created means that these days one animal exists in a massive array of breeds, each of which looks and acts differently and is capable of fulfilling a different role within human society. Most notable today are working dogs- these are put to work by experts to sniff out contraband and explosives and to dominate potential aggressors , by search and rescue teams to sniff out people who have been trapped in buildings following earthquakes, by visually impaired people to allow them to avoid obstacles, by deaf people to help them when responding to sounds , and so on. Today there are even animals that can alert their human friends to an imminent epileptic fit, which can be life saver. And a growing number of people believe that some dogs are also up to making use of their amazing nose to detect cancer . There’s also the more old-fashioned function for trained dogs of assisting shepherds to coral their flocks .

Other kinds of dogs are employed carrying and bringing back birds that have been injured, for giving warmth and companionship on their owners’ sofas, for bringing down deer like the Deerhound, keeping wolves at bay like the Wolfhound does, for finding and doing away with rats like terriers, for doing battle with bulls like the bulldog, or even for hunting lions as the Rhodesian Ridge back . Each of these varied types of animal was first of all created to serve a single need , but these days many of them are just kept as pets .

One of the most successful breeds of dogs in this country was initially bred for the purpose of locating woodcocks that had been shot and returning them to the shooting party. The cocker Spaniel emerged as a distinct breed in the 19th century and after that has slowly been allowed out of the fields and into the family fold as our civilization has matured over the centuries . Nowadays you are massively more likely to witness a Cocker Spaniel curled up on the floor before the TV with its owner than sprinting through a stream with a dead bird in its mouth .

If you’re looking for a new loving pet then the Cocker Spaniel is a very good choice for a first pet dog . They are straightforward to care for , gentle and loving pets . They are very energetic dogs though , and will require a good deal of exercise if they are not going to be overly boisterous at home. One of the most straightforward ways to start your search for new cocker pups for sale is on the web; try searching for the phrase “ cute puppies for sale ”.

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